REMINDER!!!! Giveaway!

Hey guys...Today was a monumental day for this blog haha! I am featured on Beautylish which is a dream come true :) Since I am getting quite a few more views today, I am going to advertise once again that I am going to do a giveaway IF I get 100 follows by September 5th! Now I hope you realize that 100 entries is not that much and your chances of your winning is HUGE. So please support and you may win an awesome prize! Sorry to keep advertising this but I really want to give away some special to all my wonderful followers. Thanks guys <3


  1. hi, what would u expect for others for this giveaway, like you didnt mentioned the rules. etc.

  2. well i wanted to make sure that i got 100 before even planning the whole giveaway. once i get 100 i have a post that has all of the rules and the prize! any giveaway is great so i didnt think people would be picky.