SIMPLE Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes By Dreamingofbeautyx

Hey readers! Back again with another tutorial, hope you enjoy! In this tutorial, I created a simple smokey look using only TWO EYESHADOWS and a liquid eyeliner. I think that it turned out great and I hope you do too.

First Step: Prime your eyes with MAC's Paint Pot in "Painterly". Blend it all over your lid and brow bone.
Second: Take a shimmery champagne shade and lightly put it in your inner corners and under your brow. It will slightly transfer onto the matte black eyeshadow you will be using in the next step. I used a pencil brush and Urban Decay's Eyeshadow in "Sin" for this step.
Third: Apply a matte brown/black shade all over your lid! Blend heavily and keep building up the product to your liking. I brought the dark brown out towards my brow's end, creating a smokey cat effect. Blending is the most significant step because if creates a dimensional look instead of the look of one eyeshadow slapped sloppily onto your lids. I used Bobbi Brown's Eyeshadow in "Espresso".
Fourth: Bring the eyeshadow onto your lower lash line! Only halfway though! 
Fifth: Use a liquid liner and create a thick wing! Click HERE to read my post about how to create winged eyeliner :)
Sixth: If you wish to add a blush and lip color, go simple! The eyes are quite heavy, so try to keep it light. I used MAC's "Melba" Blush and Benefit's "Life on The A List" Gloss

Thanks for reading guys! I really hope you thought this was helpful, because smokey eyes can be difficult at times! Please follow and comment what you think! Love you guys xoxo


Review: Moroccan Oil Salon Hair Care! :)

Hi guys! I've wanted to do a blog post on this brand for quite a while now, so I finally got off my butt and decided to do a full review! MOROCCANOIL strictly creates hair treatments and styling products to promote healthy, shiny hair. Over the past few months, I have tried some of their products that I love! MOROCCANOIL is considered a high end company that sells its products prominently in salons. Argan Oil is the highlighted ingredient infused in all of the MOROCCANOIL hair products. It is known to hydrate and restore damaged hair. Listed below are products that I have tried! All opinions are my own. 


How To: Winged Eyeliner

Heyyyyyy. Winged eyeliner may seem like a difficult task, but I hope this will simplify the task of creating the perfect wing. 

Step 1
Take your eyeliner brush (I'm using a MAC 209 Eyeliner Brush) and start at the center of your eye. You want to progressively thicken the eyeliner as you line towards the outer corner. I do not start lining at my inner corner because if I mess up it cannot be fixed because thick eyeliner towards the inner corners close the eye and create the illusion of small, beady eyes.  

Step 2
Continue to line the rest of your eye, and make sure to thin the line as you go towards the inner corner. 

Step 3
Now, the wing! A way to guide the angle is to draw it in the direction of your eyebrow's tip. This provides a guide of where to fill in the wing.

Step 4
Fill in the angle and connect it to the general line.

Finished Look:

I hope this helped you! Pairing it with a bright red lipstick is all that is needed to create a classic look!! Please comment on what you think and follow me! Love you guys!

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Sun Protection Questions ANSWERED

What does SPF mean? What is the difference between sunscreen and sunblock? All questions answered in this post! With a hot and sunny summer approaching, sunscreen/sunblock is a absolute must. 

What is sun protection?
The most common forms of sun protection are sunscreen and sunblock. Natural oils are also popular for the vegans out there too. The sun gives off multiple types of harmful rays causing early aging, skin cancer, and multiple side effects. All forms of sun protection prevent the damage from the sun! The most effective way to prevent sun damage is covering up with protective clothing and staying in the shade! But for frequent beach-goers, sunblock, sunscreen, and oil is an essential. 

-reduced aging of skin
-prevention of skin cancer
-no burns
-avoidance of leathery skin
-many many more!

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is SPF?
SPF stands for "Sun Protection Factor." The higher the SPF, the more protection a sunscreen or sunblock provides against UV radiation. There is a misconception about SPF determining how long one can stay in the sun without burning. This is false because everyone's skin type, reapplication and frequency of use, activities done, change of sun's level of radiation, and much more is different! So do NOT think that because you have one layer of sun protection you are covered from the sun's harmful rays. 

What is the difference between sunblock and sunscreen?
There is a difference! Sunscreen is a chemical resistant that filters UV radiation from the sun. It is known to block UVA and UVB radiation. Sunscreen is recommended for daily use because of the lightness. Sunblock has a slightly different chemical mix. Titanium oxide and zinc oxide are normally found in sunblocks, and work as an actual physical block form the sun's harmful rays (UVR) instead of filtering it like sunscreen's purpose. 

Is water-resistant and water-proof the same?
Nope! "The FDA considers a product "water-resistant" if it maintains its SPF level after 40 minutes of water exposure. A product is considered "waterproof" if it maintains its SPF level following 80 minutes of exposure to water" (American Melanoma Foundation). 

Sunscreen: Dangerous chemicals?
There have been studies that sunscreen accelerates the growth of skin tumors! "The EWG report raised concerns about retinyl palmitate, a vitamin A compound found in about 40 percent of sunscreens. The group says that chemical could accelerate skin damage and increase skin cancer risk when applied to skin that's exposed to sunlight... Tiny cracks in the skin of people with eczema could allow these compounds to enter the bloodstream. 'Since the body can't metabolize these compounds, they can collect in the body over time,' with unknown effects, says Lim. For this reason, he says it might be a good idea for those with skin problems to avoid those compounds or use sunscreens without them." ( Scary, huh? Now, there will not be any extreme effects to your daily life if you do wear sunscreen when going on an outing, BUT do pay attention to the chemicals you are putting on yourself and family!!!!

Can I get sunburned on a cloudy day?
OF COURSE! The clouds barely do anything whatsoever! Sun radiation is so powerful that the clouds do nothing! 80% of UV radiation passes through clouds, so make sure to lather up if you are going to be in the sun for the majority of the day.

Vegan Sunscreen/block Options:
If you are nervous about these forms of sun protection, use these all natural products!
-MelanSol (List of Retailers here)
-Alba (Whole Foods)
-Any type of Coconut Oil!
-Soleo Organics (Amazon)
-Jason Mineral Sunblock (Whole Foods)
-Badger All-Natural Sunscreen(Whole Foods)
-Earth's Best Mineral Sunblock (Gelson's)
-California Baby (Target)

**Image is not mine

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Summer Lookbook 2011

Casual, "to the beach", and formal summer looks are featured in this post! I threw it together kinda quickly because I needed to upload a post ASAP, so it is not the cutest outfit that I can put together. Nevertheless, please enjoy! 

Casual Cool
Dress: H&M
Denim Jacket: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Purse: Vintage Coach

Off to the BEACH

Shirt: Zara (it has cutouts, but not showing up on camera!)
Bikini Top: Forever 21
Shorts: JCrew
Beach Bag: Henri Bendel 
Hat: Ross?
Bracelets: H&M

Formal Dinner

(A little wintery, but the floral shirt kinda balances it out? haha)
Blouse: Anthropologie
Skirt: Zara
Clutch: Forever 21

1&2: Eyes: MAC Barestudy Paint Pot
Satin Taupe in crease
Face: CG Aqua Smoother Tinted Moisturizer
NYC Bronzer
MAC's Melba Powder Blush
Benefit High Beam
Lips: Look #1 ELF lipgloss Look #2 Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya

3: Makeup same in 1&2, just add some extra touches
Eyes:Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner in Black Ink
Face: Add Nars Orgasm for some sparkle
Lips: Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Peony

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Summer Beauty Technique: Highlighting!

Hello readers! I am excited to share with you my new favorite summer makeup technique! A method that I have been adding to my makeup routine is highlighting my face. In my opinion, creating a glowing face with a dewy finish is fabulous! The freshness and brightening effect highlighting gives is one of my favorite looks. In the past, I used to think that highlighting made me look oily and shiny. Once I learned how to correctly place highlighter, I immediately fell in love with it! Keep reading for some tips and recommended products. 

What is highlighter?
Highlighter is a cream, liquid, or powder product usually used to brighten up the face. There are body highlighters but that is irrelevant to this post! Highlighters tend to be shimmery light shades in the silver, gold, white, or baby pink family. Creating a fuller lip, higher cheek bones, or brightened eyes are accomplished through the use of highlighter. Dewy and fresh faces are also another use. 
Where do I put highlighter? 
FYI: I got the plain face image from online but
I did label all of the highlighting spots on the face from my own editing. 

Chin: Creates more depth to the chin
Cupid's Bow: Gives the allusion of fuller lips
Cheek Bones: Accentuates the cheek bones and makes them appear higher
Temples: Brightens eyes and promotes glowing face
Forehead (eh): A lot of people use this technique but I think it makes the face look oily. Your choice though!

** You do not have to highlight every single point that I have listed. Highlight what you feel comfortable wearing! It's YOUR face!

Why use highlighter?
Plenty of people use this technique often to create a slightly different face shape! I personally think embracing your original face shape is the best way to go but if you are uncomfortable, go for it. I use highlighter to create a summer glowing look, but sometimes for contouring too.
What are some good highlighters?
The three types of highlighters are cream, powder, and liquid. Here are my favorites:

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed xoxo. Please follow, comment, and spread the word!

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DIY: Luxurious At-Home Facial

Hey everyone! In this post, I am excited to show you how to create your own at-home facial that  has the "just came from the spa" effects! Keep reading for steps to create this awesome alternative to expensive spas!!

Part 1: Steam Your Face! 

Boil water on a stove. Add the hot water to a bowl filled with your tea leaves. The tea leaves are infused with a nice aroma that calms your nerves! The towel is used to trap the steam in. Drape the towel over your head and the bowl to mimic the effect of a steam room or expensive steam machine! Stay under for 10 minutes, constantly taking breathes outside the towel. Hot steam opens up your pores and allows your face to have a deeper cleanse. Wash your face with any gentle cleanser and face brush after the steaming step has been completed. With the pores opened, the cleanser will clean all of the dirt buildup.

Part 2: Mud Mask!

Store Bought Options:
For this step I used a store bought mask. Here are some suggestions that I think are awesome! If you keep scrolling, a homemade mud mask recipe is down below too!

Mud Masks are amazing masks that soak up all the bad oils and dirt from your skin! Because your pores were opened with the steam, the mud mask is able to extract everything from your face. I love mud masks because not only do they clean my face, but they leave it brightened and soft! The Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask is a must! Ranging at $5.99, this mask is a total steal. It softens skin while extracting all the toxins from your face! This can be bought at Ulta a s well as Target. Borghese's Fango is my all time favorite! I have the tube form for the sake of cleanliness, but if you are looking to use this on your body, the large size in the jar is great. This mask is the most firming mask I have ever used! The smell is very earthy/fresh, which I love. The H2O mask I have unfortunately never tried but from reading five-star reviews, I can guarantee that this mask will be a hit for anyone! I hope these mask suggestions guided you into purchasing what you think best fits your skin! Keep reading for a homemade mask if you have the products lying around!

Make Your Own:

This alternative to a store bought mud mask is an awesome recipe which is great if you are into DIY face mask projects!

1 tablespoon of green clay
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon of milk
1 teaspoon of honey

Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl. After combining, apply to face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Your face should be left with luminous healthy glow! Rinse off and wash with gentle cleanser.

After using either your homemade of store bought mud mask rinse off and use a cleanser on your face again! After this step you are finished. Cleanse your face one more time! MAKE SURE to rinse everything at the end with COLD WATER! This will close your pores back up so no dirt and toxic air can ruin all of your hard work! Apply a gel based moisturizer so your pores aren't clogged but you are retaining the moisture! I really hope this was helpful! PLEASE follow and comment on what you think! Any other mask recipes? Thanks for reading xo!

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OPI vs. Essie Nail Polish

 When I think OPI Nail Lacquer, I see bright opaque and mostly bright colors in my mind. As for Essie, beautiful sheer toned shades is their specialty. Both companies have their famous polishes like "Sand Tropez" or "Do You Lilac It," but the consistency, longevity, and brush is what I worry most about. Keep reading for my opinion! <3


Pacifica Perfume... Amazing.

THE BEST SCENTS I HAVE EVER SMELLED. Pacifica Perfume produces 100% Vegan formula free of ALL those horrible chemicals, but provides a moisturizing and great smelling product! Pacifica sells only a few products at certain stores, but has a wide arrangement of their scents online. This company is literally the only fragrance corporation that doesn't have a bad scent. I have the Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter and LITERALLY it is my favorite scent. The smells are very true to their descriptions and the packaging is beautiful. I love that this company is not as wide stream because it gives a very organic feel to the company. I love that a portion of their proceeds support clean water. Everything about this company is great! I am going to purchase some more products soon! Keep on the lookout for reviews, raves, and maybe a haul about Pacifica Perfume products in the future!! <3

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Bath and Body Works Coconut Mango Smoothing Body Scrub


Coconut is THE best scent ever! For this summer, Bath and Body Works has come out with three new scents. They are Coconut Passionfruit, Coconut Mango, and Coconut Pineapple! The variety of products is impressive! They even created a scented sunscreen with SPF 30!! I was a little nervous trying these out because Bath and Body Work's past coconut scents have not been impressive at all. Literally, the smell of this product is insanely good! I could hold the bottle to my nose all day and be satisfied with life... The scrub has a grainy texture, which exfoliates and softens my skin. I not a a fan of the Bath and Body works packaging though. The scent does not transfer on my skin, but I am sure if I applied the matching scented lotion I would have some remnants of it. I really enjoy using this, and can't wait to smell like coconut all of SUMMER!

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