About Me

Rebecca D, USA

A few years ago, I created this blog because of my zeal for makeup, travel, food, and fashion. What started out as a materialistic outlet eventually led to a community where I could express my thoughts about beauty products as well as more "significant" topics. As I gained experience in the blogging sphere and beauty industry, I discovered marketing secrets and status quo images that women were supposed to follow in order to appear "beautiful". The influence of American pop culture on women and growing consumerism for luxury products has always captivated me. Through this blog, I hope to enlighten my readers with insightful posts on the importance of cherishing one's own body, as well as give great recommendations for products that truly make a women feel refreshed! Although makeup can never fully transform the person under it, I believe makeup can be used as a tool to help enhance a woman's favorite features and help her feel confident. The definition of beauty is subjective, and only the beholder can say whether they possess true allure! I constantly search for new trends and find innovative ways to utilize common products on the market. I am a honest blogger, and have not and will never endorse a product I do not believe in. I genuinely hope you pleasure in reading this blog.


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