A Pop of Color To Your Everyday Eye Look

Hey everyone! A great (and waterproof!) way to spice up any eye look is to use a flash of aqua blue in your everyday summer eye look! The brightening effect gives an intensity and pop that is complementary to every eye color. It looks BEAUTIFUL on tan skin and can deepen any paler skin tone as well. Using a bright blue liquid liner with some jet black voluminous mascara is an easy and simple way to dress up your eyes in a summery fashion. If pencil liner is your thing, create a soft smokey eye with dark browns and then add the aqua pop to your lower lash line! There are plenty of options on how to incorporate this bright blue into your summer beauty. Down below are products that are perfect for the ultimate aqua eye.

Cream Eyeshadow
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in "Clash"
Price: $20
Link: Sephora

This crease-proof AND water-proof eyeshadow is awesome for summer! The creamy consistency makes it easy to blend with your fingers, so no brushes needed! It can also be used for your waterline.

Create The Look
Smudge the product all over your eye lid and blend into crease. Use a jet black liquid eyeliner to create a thin wing for a cat eye appearance! Only trace the outer third of your eye so that the attention is not taken away from the bright blue shadow! Pale pink cheeks softens the look with a pretty glow. Tarte's Cheek Stain in "Doll Face" ($30) is the perfect product! I used a cream blush because of the glowing effect it gives. Nothing on lips except some chap stick with SPF!

Liquid Liner
Milani INFINITE Liquid Eye Liner in "Electric Blue"
Price: $7
Link: Milani 
Honestly, these liquid liners are insanely pigmented! I was shocked at the consistency. The price is affordable and the product is easy to find! It is waterproof so it is awesome for summer! The color is so bright and beautiful that you barely need anything else to add to your eyes. Love this!

Create The Look
No eyeshadow needed! Trace a thick line across your whole upper lash line. Create a slight "flick" to emphasize the shape of your eyes. Apply a voluminous mascara to your upper and lower lash line.  Lancome's Hypnose Drama Mascara in "Excessive Black" ($25) gives extreme full-body lashes! Apply a shimmery bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and around your temples to bring a attention to your eyes and create a glow on your face. Too Faced Caribbean In a Compact in "Sun Bunny" is awesome! ($28)

Multi-use product
Make Up For Ever Aqua cream in "21 Turquoise" 
Price: $22
Link: Sephora

If you don't want to purchase multiple aqua products, you can just purchase one! Make Up Forever has designed a waterproof cream that can go anywhere! You can even go for Ke$ha blue lips with some loose glitter on top! This product works well as a eyeliner or cream shadow! The pigmentation is phenomenal and long lasting. Amazing...

Create The Look

I really hope you thought this was helpful. Be creative and try new things! Don't be afraid to be bold! Please follow and comment! Any products you recommend? Xoxo.

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TREND ALERT: Marbleized Nail Polish

So freaking creative and cool! Who knew someone could make up such a great idea!! Marbleized nail polish is becoming a huge trend! It looks very difficult, but with a few tries the process will improve. Here is a picture so you know what I am talking about:

As you can see, the finished product is gorgeous! All it takes is a cup of water, at least two nail polish colors, tape, a tooth pick.

1) Wrap the tape around your nail to prevent any nail polish getting on your cuticles/skin. Some people use cuticle oil which is fine too!

2) Take your cup of water and nail polishes. Put a drop of nail polish in the water and alternate with the other about 3 or 4 times. They should be in the shape of concentric circles! (Finals week=geometry terminology haha) Do not worry about the polish blending or dissolving into the water because the chemical differences will not allow it!

3) (optional) Once finished, if you want to get a swirled effect on your nails, follow this step! Take the toothpick and mix the nail polish to the design that you please.

4) Place your nail in the cup of water +nail polish and lightly dip your nail(s) in.

5) To repeat for all your nails if you wish, you have to get the nail polish out of the cup of water and repeat the process. Clean any nail polish on your skin with some remover! Good luck and hope this works out!

Links for alternate directions/pictures:
Beautylish's Version
Great Video! It's not in english but very self explanatory... I chose this particular video because it was honestly the coolest one yet!

I hope this was helpful! I will post a picture of the results of mine later! Please follow and comment!

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Sally Hansen "Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips"

Hey readers! How's your week? A new trend has sparked up at my school, so I am doing a review on the Sally Hansen "Salon Nail Effects" nail appliques! The idea and execution of this product is wonderfully done! In the past, I had heard and seen nail stickers, but none that impressed me. The selection of patterns and colors are amazing! I do not care for the actual solid colors, but the prints and INSANELY CUTE and worth every penny! Each package comes with a wooden cuticle pusher, double ended nail file, instructions, and of course, the stickers! They cost $7-11 depending on where you buy them! In my opinion I think they are extremely overpriced for what they are. Sally Hansen has proclaimed that these nail stickers last ten days max! I went to a couple friends and asked them how long theirs lasted and they said chipping occured within 2-4 days. I would never recommend buying the plain colored appliques when you can buy two bottles of nail polish that last for years! The unique prints are the only reasons that I buy this product! Because it is impossible to paint these designs with polish and the designs are too adorable to pass up, I buy them.

Texture: Very smooth! Apparently they are real nail polish strips so they give the feel and texture of real lacquer. The stickers themselves are extremely thin so they do not bring any discomfort.

Design: By far the coolest designs I have ever seen in nail art history. They are very cute and come in very intricate designs. My favorites are "Misbehaved, Fly With Me, Girl Flower, Kitty Kitty, Glitz Blitz, Bling It On, Ay Ay Captain, Don't Get Catty, and Frock Star." Basically, all of the prints haha!

Removal: You can pick at it or just use nail polish remover.

Application: First nails are difficult. Everything is sticky and peels. You are supposed to file away excess sticker. One problem is that the fit of the stickers to nails can be tricky and inconvenient. A few of the stickers were either too wide/skinny. There is a lot of trash from the peels so make sure to keep a plastic bag to throw everything away! I love that it comes with a cutitcle pusher and filer. The Sephora version comes with NOTHING and is even more expensive! The process as a whole took about 30 minutes!

Basically, this is a hit or miss product. If the designs were not as appealing, I would not waste a dime on this product no matter how long it lasted! Hopefully Sally will have a sale or do a price reduction so that everyone can enjoy this product without breakin' the wallet! Good luck to all you nail junkies out there, hope this review was helpful! PLEASE comment below on what you think and follow this blog! Thanks :)

Images below!!

Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips in "Don't Get Catty."

Cute finger, right? Yuck!

The Box

Nail applique before peeling

Two sided nail file with wooden cuticle pusher

Detailed Instructions!

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Favorite Coral Colored Products for Summer!

Hey readers! I am just going to get to the point. Coral is the hottest color for this Summer 2011! In this post I am going to pick one product for each category of beauty that I think best compliments the color of coral! Hope you enjoy.

#1: Lipstick

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in "Coral 080"
Price: $6-9

Revlon makes a great lipstick, so I thought this would be appropriate for this post. The shade is a rosy orange! I really love Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks because of the high pigmentation. Revlon is a drugstore brand, so the price is extremely reasonable. Wearing this statement lip with very little eye makeup is beautiful for summer! :)

#2 Lipgloss
MAC Cremesheen Glass in "Richer, Lusher."
Price: $18.50

I LOVE this lipgloss. MAC Cremesheen LipGlasses are my favorite type of lip products from MAC. This gloss is very moisturizing and adds a sheer color of coral that can be built up! What I love is that this gloss is not a pure orange color but definitely has strong notes of it to catch the essence of summer. The consistency is not sticky at all! Go to a MAC counter and try this out! You will not regret it.

#3 Blush

Benefit Box Powder Blush in "Coralista."
Price: $28

My favorite coral blush by far. Benefit's Coralista has the perfect amount of shimmer and pigment! I am not a huge fan of the brush that comes in the box, but I believe in investing good money into a powder brush so it is not an issue. Kind of weird, but this blush smells really good! The packaging is okay, but the product is wonderful.

#4 Concealer
Bobbi Brown Corrector in "Bisque"
Price: $22

Not exactly coral, but salmon colored concealers/correctors are known to correct green and purple on one's face. I do not use this exact color, but Bobbi Brown face products are the BOMB. If you have problems with green skin, use this concealer!

#5 Nail Polish
OPI Nail Lacquer in "Conga Line"
Price: $6-$9
Coral nail polish is so cute! I love wearing it on my toes with white sandals! The brightness of it is very complimenting. For nail polish, I do not mind if it is a more orange tint because orange is coming into style for this Summer. I look for longevity, application, and formula in a nail polish. OPI is so impressive so when I saw this color I became so excited! It has quite some shimmer which is cute and different! OPI has the best quality so adding this to your nail polish collection is a must.


Essie Braziliant Summer Collection 2011

All I can say is "How Cayooottteee!"

Essie has created an ideal nail polish collection for this Spring! How exciting! The brand as a whole is very consistent with formula and great with preventing streaky cheap items. Essie's nail polishes are DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde free. These compounds are quite dangerous to your body if used frequently, so the health benefits are a bonus!

Back to the collection... Essie has branched out into a world of opaque nail lacquers. Being known for sheer neutral shades, it is great to see them launch into bright shades for this Summer. The five colors are "Absolutely Shore, Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Too Too Hot, Meet Me At Sunset, and Super Bossa Nova."


Absolutely Shore is a light sea foam green that is great for toes! Just to clarify that in my humble opinion, I believe bright colors look best on your toes (except red and pink...). Braziliant, the showcase polish in this collection, is a hot orange with a shimmery reflex in the formula. Orange and yellow toned nail polishes are coming in for this Summer but honestly I am not too big a fan of the colors themselves. Next, Smooth Sailing is a periwinkle shade. Periwinkle is lavender-blue in case you did not know :). This is one of the most unique colors I have seen in a while! The pearlescent reflex is gorgeous. I hope it looks good on my skin tone! Too Too Hot is a vibrant HOT red with hints of coral. I think this is the most appropriate color because coral is "Summer's Color", and the burst of red adds an original twist! Meet Me At Sunset is a deeper/darker version of Briziliant. It is more matte. I prefer this color because it is not as crazy as the other one! Last, Super Bossa Nova!! Its a hot Fuchsia! The color is not original but still beautiful! I love it and can't wait to try it out. These colors come out this summer!

Click Read More for Pictures below!



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The Body Shop "Pink Grapefruit" Body Butter Review

Product: The Body Shop "Pink Grapefruit" Body Butter

Net Weight: 6.7 OZ
Company: The Body Shop
Where to buy: The Body Shop 
Price: $16

In this body butter, The Body Shop infuses Pink Grapefruit seed oil into it. "It provides essential fatty acids to repair your skin's moisture barrier, so it feels smooth and supple." The Body Shop uses "Community Trade" Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter  from Ghana in this product to provide a moisturizing effect. My favorite thing about this lotion is that it melts into my skin once applied! I apply this right after I get out of the shower to seal the moisture into my skin. This works great. The perfume in the scent is quite strong, and it has a zesty scent that smells exactly like grapefruit. I love to use this for this Spring/Summer 2011! I do not wear perfume if I have this particular body butter on my skin, because the smell can be overwhelming at times. This body butter is not greasy at all, which is great for wearing in hot weather. I consider it kind of pricey for a lotion.The Body Shop has a mini size for $6 if you do not want to spend as much. It is only 1.7 oz so the better deal would be to buy the full size in my opinion. Overall, I recommend this to you and I hope you enjoy! Please comment below and tell me what you think of the scent! Thanks for reading and follow me! xo

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Favorite MAC Eyeshadows

Hey! In this post, I am giving my honest opinion of what my favorite MAC eyeshadows are! I am listing three neutrals and one crazy-ish color. MAC eyeshadows from the permanent line are $14.50 each which is not too expensive. MAC is a pretty consistent brand that is constantly improving and updating their collection. I enjoy experimenting with their products and telling you guys what I think. Enjoy!!

(These images were found off the web. I am not taking credit for the photos nor trying to steal them!)

Favorite Neutral Eyeshadows

1) MAC's Phloof! Eyeshadow

Phloof! is in the finish of "Frost." MAC created a light champagne shade with a lot of shimmer. The pigmentation is excellent, and the color is flattering on my skin. I use the eyeshadow as an all over lid color, or dab it onto my inner corners. On a busy morning, swiping this all over my lid and crease has a brightening effect without putting much effort. The versatility of this eyeshadow is the most appealing trait.

2) MAC's Mulch Eyeshadow

Mulch has a wonderful "Velvet" finish. It consists of a brown base with red undertones. I love applying this into my crease or sweeping onto my lower lashes. It is not extremely shimmery but still has a pearly glow, so it makes a great everyday eyeshadow choice. Mulch applies smoothly, which I love! 

3) MAC's Satin Taupe Eyeshadow

After hearing positive opinions about this shade, I went to the MAC counter to see what was so special. In the pan, Satin Taupe did not seem all that special. But after applying it to my eyes, I understood what made this color so great. Satin Taupe is a taupe color with silver shimmer. It is extremely flattering to brown eyes!! The color is unique and has a certain appearance that is beautiful. I love wearing this on my lid, crease, lash line, basically anywhere! This is a holy grail item!!

Favorite Exotic Eyeshadow  

1) MAC's Beauty Marked Eyeshadow

WOWOWOW!! Never have I seen such a unique color. When I first saw this, I was immediately filled with excitement. One of my favorite colors is hot pink, so to see a black eyeshadow with pink glitter filled me with ideas! Using this in a smokey eye look adds a new twist with the hot pink glitter! I think that applying it onto my waterline and lower lash line also is a nice change from just plain black and brown eyeliner. This eyeshadow is such a cool breakaway from everyday neutrals! Love it!

I hope you enjoyed! Please follow, comment, and spread the word!! If you have any recommendations or suggestions of your favorite eyeshadows, tell me below!

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NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils Review

In this review, I talk about the product NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils. Colors and thoughts on the formula are below! Enjoy!

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils = my love. These pencils have a dual purpose. I use these as an eyeliner or a cream shadow! Primer is recommended if you are applying this as an eyeshadow because there can be some creasing by end of the day. Blending the formula is extremely easy to create a smokey eye or neutral eye look. To use the pencil directly on the eyes is the easiest form of application in my opinion. I really like some of the shades too! A negative aspect people complain about is figuring out how to sharpen this pencil. Some people have had trouble finding a large enough pencil sharpener because of it's thickness. A solution is that NYX sells their own sharpener which will fit perfectly! A new idea that I heard is to melt the pencil into "pot" form so that it is just a plain cream shadow! I do not know how the texture is after, but I'm sure it is still a great product! The price for each pencil is $4.50 on the NYX website. NYX's prices are my favorite thing about their brand, so go check this out!

These are all the shades currently on the NYX Website!

Favorite Shades:
French Fries
Iced Mocha

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Philosophy Favorite: Peaches with Cream!

Philosophy's recent debut of their new scent has caught my eyes... and nose! It is called "Peaches with Cream". With fresh peaches and sweet cream lingering in the product, this is a definite must!! This is my all time favorite Philosophy scent. Normally, I do not care for some of their products because of the weird odor, but I LOVE these products. There is a lipgloss, lotion, and multiple. Philosophy designs their multiples to work as shampoo, body wash/shower gel, and bubble bath! You can either buy a full sized individual product or purchase them in a set! I love this very much, and I can't wait to use these for gifts and myself! Prices and links below.

Product: Lipgloss

Net Weight: 0.50 OZ
Company: Philosophy
Where to buy: Sephora, Nordstroms
Link: Philosophy  ($10)
Price: $10

Personally, if a product smells good, I'm in. Aside from Philosphy's Melon Daiquiri Lipgloss, this takes the cake. The gooeyness of the lipgloss works with the scent, so it does not feel to heavy on my lips. It tastes delicious!! The price is not too expensive compared to other lipgloss, so it is a good investment!

Product: Body Lotion                                              Product: Body wash            
                                                                                                   Bubble Bath

Net Weight: 16 OZ                                                   Net Weight:16 OZ                   
Company: Philosophy                                              Company: Philosophy
Where to buy: Sephora                                             Where to buy: Nordstroms  
Link: Philosophy ($24)                                             Link: Philosophy ($16)  
Price: $24                                                                     Price: $16

Both of these products are quite fabulous! They both smell exactly the same, which is important! Scented products can have variations of them, but will inconsistently have the same scent! Anyways, both are sized conveniently, with plenty of product to use up! There are mini sizes of each as well. I have very dry skin in general, so I need thick lotion to quench my skin's thrist. It does not moisturize as much I hoped, but it is still a pretty solid item. The shower gel is magnificent! It foams and smoothes out on my skin! I am fond of the packaging of both, and I hope Philosophy will make more products like these!

Product: Gift Sets!!
Company: Philosophy
Where to buy: (First one) Nordstroms, (Second) Sephora
Link: Gift Set w/out LipglossGift Set w/Lipgloss
Price: Both $25

In the first set, you receive a full sized lipgloss with a mini lotion and shower gel. In the second set, a larger size of the shower gel and lotion is given. Both of these options are perfect for gifting!!! The price is fair, so you can give a thoughtful gift without spending a ton! This also works as a purchase for yourself. If you are hesitant to buy the full sizes, you can give them all a try. If it were up to me, I would buy ten of each and be set for gift giving for the whole year! I adore everything about these products, so I hope you go out and try these!

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Skin Care Routine: Dry to Normal Skin

DISCLAIMER: GUYS I AM SORRY THE FORMATTING OF THIS POST WILL NOT SHOW UP CORRECTLY. IT POSTS DIFFERENTLY THAN I CREATED IT. MY BAD. Anyways, these products may not work for your skin, so please do not turn on me if these products are not successful for your skin! IF YOU ARE A COMPANY WANTING TO CONTACT ME, EMAIL ME AT Thanks!

Hey everyone! In this post, I am telling you what is in my skin care routine. I have pretty normal skin overall. It does dry in the winter, so I make sure to put moisturizer on everyday! Occasionally, my skin breaks out just like anyone else. The products listed below are the ones I use everyday (except the face brush). Also, please let me know if you want me to post recommendations/reviews for products relating to different types of skin (ex: oily, dry, etc.) Thanks!
Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover
Net Weight: 3.8 FL OZ
Company: Neutrogena
Where to buy: Any drugstore!!
Link: Target
Price: $5-$7

This makeup remover is great! I use it every single
day. Since I do not wear any heavy face makeup, I thought it would only be necessary to purchase a eye makeup remover. It does remove eyeshadow very well, and with a little more pressure, all my eyeliner and mascara is taken off. Even though it's oil free, there is an oily residue. I use cotton square pads for a gentle removal. It is really important to tug gently around your eye area because if the skin is stressed too much there will be permanent damage!


STILA Spring Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! In this look, I am using some newly purchased STILA products! This tutorial is for Spring. I really enjoy them, and I hope you like this look!

Products I used:
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer ($24)
Stila Eyeshadow in "Burgundy" and "Seashell" from Blushing Beauty Collection (click here)
NYX Slim Eyeliner Pencil in "Brown" ($3.50)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara ($10)
Stila Long Wear Lipliner in "Devoted"
Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in "Crystal"($17)
Stila Convertible Cheek and Lip Color in "Lillium" ($25)

First, I primed my eyes with Benefit's Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer. I smeared it all over my lid and brought the product under to my lower lash line. Then, I took an Urban Decay Flat Shader brush and Stila's Eyeshadow in "Seashell" from my Blushing Beauty set of two eyeshadows. Patting a lot of product onto the brush, I placed the shadow all over my lid and into my crease. This color is very sheer with a slight shimmer. 

Then, with my Bobbi Brown Essentials Eye Blender, I took the second eyeshadow "Burgundy" by Stila and blended it into my crease and outer "V" of my eye. "Burgundy" is a brown velvety shade with purple and red undertones. I brought the eyeshadow out past the corners of my eye, to emphasize a cat eye appearance.

Amazing Deal...STILA Blushing Beauty

I applaud Costco for conjuring up such a bargain set with STILA Cosmetics. I know, it sounds crazy, Costco having high quality Stila products? You will even be tempted to scream when I tell you the deals I got! Swatches, Reviews, Prices, and Links below! Enjoy <3

Products featured in this review:

Stila Eyeshadow Duo
Stila Convertible Color- Dual Lip and Cheek Cream
2 Long Wear Lip Liners
Pencil Sharpener

Now just letting you know, these products are all full sized, and even oversized! A normal Stila eyeshadow in a compact is $18 for 0.09 oz. This set of two eyeshadows are 0.11 oz each! The Convertible color is $25.00 in any retail store, and the two lipliners are $18 each. The worth of this set is over $80, but Costco is selling everything for $20!!!!! Honestly, it is one of the best deals in town. I strongly encourage you to drive out to your local Costco and buy this set!! You will not be sorry. Anyways, onto swatches and reviews!!

STILA Eyeshadow Duo

The eyeshadows are "Seashell" and "Burgundy." 

"Seashell" is a pink champagne shimmer. It is very subtle and sheer. It adds a nice wash of color but definitely should not be used for an colorful eye look. "Burgundy" is true to its name! It is a shimmery brown with purple and red undertones. It is the better pigmented shadow out of the two. I enjoy both and they can be used separately to create completely different looks. The longevity of both are about 7-10 hours if used with a primer. They can be powdery at times so make sure to catch any excess fallout when applying! For the price and size, this is a recommended purchase.

Burgundy and Seashell

Burgundy and Seashell


Essie Nail Polish Review: A French Affair

Hey readers! I have not reviewed a nail polish yet so I hope you enjoy! I chose "French Affair" by Essie from their newest collection! This is the debut color that the collection is based off of. This shade contains pink pigment with lavender undertones. With two coats on, the shade is very opaque and pigmented. I have trouble applying Essie nail polish, partly because I am one of the worst nail painters ever, but also because the formula is slightly streaky. Essie nail polishes tend to last about 5 days before starting to chip when using a top coat. Each bottle costs around $8 dollars depending what drugstore/beauty supply you purchase this product in. (If you want to buy it!)

DISCLAIMER: In these pictures, do not judge my poor nail paint job! I can only paint my toes for some reason, and my cuticles are quite messy and due for a manicure. The lighting affects the color on camera but please be supportive and embrace the color of the nail polish, not my hands! Don't worry, these reviews will improve over time!