A Makeup Kit Necessity: Blending Brush

The blending brush for eyeshadow is one of the most diverse and significant brushes. It is the only necessary tool for eyeshadow application in my humble opinion. The possibilities are endless! Whether you applying a soft sheen onto your eyelid or blending out harsh lines with a dark eyeshadow, the blending brush can work magic. Each makeup brand has their own version, but the MAC 217 is my favorite. The hairs are soft but dense enough to be able to use multiple ways. The actual brush is sleek and easy to store, as well as decently priced! I constantly wash mine and keep it in good condition as well. If you don't own a blending brush and are a frequent user of eyeshadow, you must buy one now! Good luck!



Naughty Indulgences

Item: french macarons

Location: lette macarons [beverly hills]

Price: about $2 per macarons

I picked up a few of these sweets on a pleasant day after a cake tasting at Hansen's. Not only did my mouth thank myself after every single bite, but my constant craving for more has failed to cease. The flavors are generic but lette macarons perfects the taste for each macaron! I urge you to have a sweet or two in moderation the next time you crave a "pick me up" snack. Enjoy



Newest Purchase... Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

Hey, been a while since I've posted! Anyways, with my being a little rusty on this, don't mind my deteriorated blogger writing style. I've always been one to try a plethora of new lip balms, without consistently sticking to one. I feel as if lip products take up the most space in my makeup collection but get the least use. I want to share with you my newest purchase that has surprisingly avoided the old lip product shelf. The Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Lip Balm is absolutely luxurious! It has a scrumptious rose scent that doesn't make you sick to your stomach! Usually floral products other than perfume or house spray fail to impress me. BUT, Dior has succeeded in making a smooth, firming, and pleasant lip balm that I would recommend to you all. The packaging is unique and clean, which I love. It's definitely not worth twenty-sex good ones, but if you are willing to splurge I would go for it. This lip balm isn't going to show up on your lips though. It's strictly treatment-like, and the improved texture makes up for the lack of glossiness in this product. Anyways, I recommend this, try it out and tell me below!