Spinning in LA: An amazing and surprisingly addictive workout

The ever-increasing fan base of spinning, also known as indoor cycling, has increased to its highest level yet. Spinning has evolved into a sport where trendy hangout spots offer 1 hour classes for a high price. Although the price is steep, a sensational workout is guaranteed. These spinning businesses blast loud music and hire energized instructors that motivate their customers. Although I consider myself a penny pincher, this pricey workout is worth my money. Now you may be silently asking me, why not join a gym that offers spin classes? Well, I have tried countless gyms in Los Angeles that charge a lower fee, but none truly meets the level of an true spinning joint that focuses specifically on achieving a great workout on an indoor cycle. I have not stopped going to spin class ever since I started, and the results are remarkable! Spinning helps me achieve a toned body and burn unwanted fat. I truly feel healthier and more energetic. I would recommend the practice to ANYONE.

Listed below are some of my favorite spin "institutions" in the Los Angeles Area:


10 EASY Ways to Live A Happier and Healthier Lifestyle

Lately, stress and work are the main sources of sleepless nights, stressful evenings, and miserable mornings. After multiple weeks of enduring this, I decided it was time for change. I made simple changes in my diet and behavior, and I discovered an easy pathway to a happier and healthier lifestyle. The following tips are great ways to have more productive days:

1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep
Sleep not only promotes youthful skin and luminescence, but also performance and productivity. A good night's rest improves one's attention span and information retainability. Sleep is the ultimate necessity in order to function effectively and happily! Studies have shown that proper sleep is a major factor in depression prevention. 

2. Drink 8 glasses of water
Ever feel greasy after that burger or bag of chips? Drink water! Water cleanses one's system and flushes out all of the toxins from unhealthy food. Drinking water will also hydrate the body and improve skin health.