5 Ways To Have A Longer-Lasting/Better Manicure!

Hi readers! Ever get annoyed when your perfect manicure chips after two days? Or when your nails are a nasty shade of yellow after you have taken off your polish? Keep reading for 5 techniques that will help prevent issues and increase longevity of your nail polish application!

#1: Buffing Your Nails
Plenty of people skip the step of buffing their nails when giving themselves a manicure, but they do not know the difference it can make! There is a layer of surface nail that is super smooth which makes the nail polish harder to stick too. By buffing your nails, you can create a rougher and "stickier" surface for your base coat or nail polish to stick to. A nail buffer is not too expensive, usually running under $5. Buy one if you do not paint your nails frequently, but you want a longer lasting manicure!
#2: Swipe An Extra Layer Of Acetone Right Before You Apply Your Polish
If you are treating your nails or applying a cuticle oil, a residue can form on your nails, causing your nail polish to slide off and have a less longevity time. It you recently applied a hand lotion or any moisturizing product of some sort, the same effects can occur. By swiping some nail polish remover or pure acetone over your nails right before painting, you can make a better base for your nail polish to be painted on so there are no extra oils. 
#3: Base Coats!
Plenty of people think base coats are a waste of money, but they are extremely important! Certain nail polishes cause nail stains and discoloration. A base coat is there not only to help the lasting time of the nail polish, but it PROTECTS your nails! The state of your natural nail is extremely important! There are all sorts of base coats for different purposes which make this product a must! (ex: strengthening, growth enhancement, longevity)
#4: Dip Your Nails In Ice Water
After painting your nails, try dipping your handing in a chilly bowl of ice water! This trick dries your manicure a lot quicker and hardens all of the components in the polish. It also sets and solidifies the lacquer to prevent smudges! 
#5: UV Light
This is one of the best ways to harden the nail laquer, which gives a strong finish for a long lasting manicure. BUT BEWARE, the NY Times wrote an article about the radiation give off from these UV lights. It can be quite dangerous even if the radiation is at a small level. Use at your own risk!

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  1. love it- i didnt realize the nail polish remover thing- thanx for the tip- ooo im on beautylish too! imabout to find yah!

  2. Great tips! I've never heard of the ice water one so I will have to give that a try!

  3. thanks! the ice water technique is amazing it lowers the dry time by so much! but beware your fingers will be numb after lol