DIY: Chamomile and Cucumber Eye De-Puffer

Hello beauties! In this post I am sharing a recipe on how to de-puff under eye circles! If you are lacking beauty rest and constantly on the go, your eyes can get puffy and form dark circles. This chamomile and cucumber treatment will leave your eyes feeling and looking refreshed!

What You Need:
-Two Chamomile Tea Bags
-Cucumber Slices
-Hot Water
-A Fridge/Freezer

Boil a cup of hot water. Soak your tea bags for 30 seconds. Then take your tea bag to the fridge and allow it to cool. You can drink the tea you made! Chamomile has plenty of antioxidants and calming properties that allow you to relax. Once the tea bags are cool, place onto your eyelids for 10 minutes. They should be completely chilled. The chamomile and temperature of the tea bags will calm the swelling of your puffy under eye circles. If your tea bag has caffeine in it, it will further brighten your under eye area. Once finished, apply the cool cucumber onto your lids for another ten minutes. After completing these steps, your eyes should feel refreshed and awake! I hope this was helpful! Good luck.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING! I really hope this works for your eyes! Thank you so much for all of your support. I cannot believe how quickly this blog is growing. Love you guys so much! If you enjoyed this DIY, stay tuned and follow for more! They come out every 3 weeks or so! 

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