Review: Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in "Unique" {Review, Pictures, Swatches}

Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in "Unique"
Net Weight: 0.11 OZ
Company: Chanel
Where to buy: Chanel, Nordstrom's, Bloomindale's
Price: $28

Formula: The formula is definitely the most moisturizing and luxurious one out there. It provides a TON of shine so you do not even need lip gloss! It is VERY sheer though, so do not expect a ton of color. It can be looked as a negative or positive aspect. I really love the plum undertones within this red. Chanel has designed an awesome color. 
Packaging: Of course the Chanel packaging is luxurious and beautiful, so no complains! I am obsessed with the classic double "C," as well as beautiful casing. 
Longevity: This is the formulas downfall. Because of the sheerness, it has a tendency to fade after a short time. I find myself reapplying frequently, which is frustrating. Other than that, the lipstick is great. 

Favorite Products of 2011

Hey guys! This is just a quick wrap-up of what my favorite beauty products were for this year! Sorry if they seem repetitive but this is what I love to use on a daily basis and achieve the best results. These are all wonderful and I would recommend them to all of you! :)

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey 
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof in "Very Black"
Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in "Toasted"
NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker
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Favorite NYX Blushes

NYX's Mosaic Powder Blush in "Love," NYX's Creme Blush in "Boho Chic" 

NYX is one of my favorite brands! One of my favorite products is their blushes. I love the formula of their cream blushes and mosaic powder blushes. I have had the most success with these two! If I had to have only two blushes, these would be the two best that would last me through the whole year. "Love" is a shimmery bronze coral coral that adds a beautiful sun-kissed glow to my face! You can achieve multiple looks because of the different sections throughout the whole compact. "Boho Chic" is a perfect classic pink that can be built up really well. I am in love with NYX's cream blush formula because of its blend-ability and pigmentation. This is one of my favorites! It applies beautifully with a stippling duo-fibre brush. Overall, I recommend these blushes to everyone and hope you have as much luck with them as I do! Thank you so much for reading and please follow!


Review: Bobbi Brown Lip Color in "Blush" {Review, Swatches, Pictures}

Bobbi Brown's Lipstick in "Blush"
Net Weight: 0.12 OZ
Company: Bobbi Brown
Where to buy: CVS, Walgreens
Price: $23

Formula: I have grown to love this formula! The pigmentation is excellent! For a nude lipstick, I am extremely impressed with it's lack of "chalkiness." There is a nice healthy shine that makes my lips look healthy and full. I enjoy this as my staple nude color. It has a flush of rosy pink to keep a slight color and make it more wearable. Definitely an awesome formula, but has a slightly nauseating taste. 
Packaging: The packaging is nice! It is a simple black case with classic gold band and font. It is nothing special, but does look like a high end lipstick. 
Longevity: The longevity was better than I expected. The color wore quite long on my lips. The shine did fade long before the pigment did. It has a great longevity though compared to other lipsticks!

Thank you so much for reading this review! I hope you found it helpful! Overall, I enjoyed this lipstick. Please follow and comment below on what you think of their formula! 


Review: L'Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner in "Carbon Black"

L'Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner in "Carbon Black"
Net Weight: 0.24 FL OZ
Company: L'Oreal
Where to buy: CVS, Ulta
Link: L'Oreal
Price: $6-9

Formula: This is the BLACKEST eyeliner I have ever used. It has a very fluid and watery formula. It glides right on! It can be slightly messy as you can see from the photo. The pigmentation is amazing though.
Packaging: I do not like the packaging. There are no logos so it looks very plain and cheap. I do like the brush tip, but it could be slightly thinner! The first couple of tries with this product, my lines were thick and messy. It does take quite some time and patience to work with this product, but your end results are great!
Longevity: Sadly, the longevity is not great! I really wish it was, but I cannot get over this. By the end of the day, the liner is disintegrating and cracking. And it's very visible! BUT, it only does this when I apply the liner only to my eyelids, with no primer or eyeshadow under. The longevity is definitely better with products under layered.

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My Winter Essentials! {Part 3: Holiday}

Holiday Favorites
1. After Christmas Sales
The best time to shop for the following months is after christmas sales! Bloomingdales always has the best selection in my opinion! I usually do all of my personal shopping right after Christmas and choose classic staple pieces that will last many seasons! 
2. Peppermint Mocha Lattes
This is one of my favorite beverages to indulge in during the winter and cold nights. The peppermint infused beverage tastes like heaven! I especially love the hint of coffee to add an extra kick. Go to your local Starbucks or Coffee Bean and try this NOW. 
If you already didn't know, I live and breathe for skiing. It recently has become an unhealthy obsession of mine, constantly wracking my mind! I dream of the days of perfect powder and park progression. This is my favorite part of winter no doubt! Cruising down a mountain with my best friends! :)
4. Spiced Apple Cider
Spiced apple cider brings me wonderful memories of my Vermont trip with my best friend! The sweetness of the cider and spiciness of cinnamon warms my stomach with joy. I love heating up a fresh cup of this amazing drink to brighten my mood on a cold day. 

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post! These items truly make my Winter special and amazing every single year. This is a little less beauty related and more personal. Share your Winter Favorites with me down below in the comments bar! Thanks guys and please follow! :)


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Tutorial: Christmas Cheer! {Products, Directions, Pictures}

Hey everyone! In this tutorial, I thought I would do a classic holiday eyeshadow tutorial with gold eyeshadow and red lips! I used a beautiful golden eyeshadow on my eye lid and then added a thick winged line to give a pin-up feel. In order to make the look more winter appropriate, I smoked out my lower lash line with a sultry brown cream eyeshadow. I really enjoyed this look, I hope you do to! Keep reading for directions and the listed products.

Products Used: 
  • Chanel's Rouge Coco Lipstick in "Unique"

  1. Prime your eyes! Make sure to do your lower lash line as well! This well help your eyeshadows appear more concentrated and have a longer longevity. 
  2. Apply a golden champagne base. I used MAC's "Bare Study" because the formula is amazing and works really well as a base. 
  3. Use a yellow toned eyeshadow all over your eyelid. I used my Stila eyeshadow because it is almost a true yellow. This will boost your gold eyeshadow and bring out the highlights within it! 
  4. Now pack your golden eyeshadow onto your eyelid. I used a flat shader brush to really bring out the pigmentation within!
  5. Take a carbon black eyeliner and make a dramatic thick line that progressively thickens as it goes to your outer corner. Then proceed to create a wing to give a classic pin-up and youthful look. 
  6. In order to smoke out the look, apply a brown eyeliner pencil to your lower lash line. As it is extended, thicken it towards the outer corner and connect it to your black wing! I wanted to add some shine so I took the darkest brown eye color from my Revlon Cream Eyeshadow palette and added it on top of the eyeliner with an ELF concealer brush. 
  7. Apply mascara to your bottom and upper lashes. 
  8. I didn't use any products on my face except concealer! You can put a baby pink blush to soften your face if you wish. 
  9. Apply a plum or cherry lipstick. I used my new Chanel one named "Unique"! It's the perfect mix of shine and sheerness that is age appropriate and lovely for the holidays. 

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My Winter Essentials! {Part 2: Clothing}

1. Lululemon Wunder Under Pant 
Price: $78
These are some of the comfiest leggings I have ever worn! I do not need to adjust them every single second like normal leggings because of their body grabbing shape. They are super soft and can be dressed up or down. Love these! A little pricey, but a great splurge. They are pretty warm too! 

2. Zara Jacquard Jersey
Price: $59.90
Link: Zara
In the Winter time, cozy sweaters are a must. I am obsessed with cardigans with toggles. This sweater has a festive design that coordinates well with the season. It's super warm too! Pairing these with some classic riding boots would look amazing. 

3. Henri Bendel Deluxe Girlfriend Wrap Bracelet 
Price: $98
Edgier jewelry and accessories are awesome for winter time. I like incorporating chains and metal jewelry into my outfits! Pairing it with a moto-styled coat looks really chic for Winter time! I like this one by Henri Bendel because of the pop of color in the links. 

4. JCrew Hearthstone Snood
Price: $39.50 
Link: JCrew
I am obsessed with infinity scarves! Jcrew's version added a little twist to theirs by shortening the length. It is super cozy and warm. I love the fabric used and color. Scarves are crucial for staying warm in brisk weather. 

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My Winter 2011 Essentials! {Part 1: Beauty}

Hey everyone! In today's post, I am going to be listing my Winter beauty essentials! I love using these products especially during this season. This is part of a small series where I will be telling you my beauty, clothing, and holiday essentials. Enjoy! :)

Beauty Essentials
1. Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment 
Price: $22.50
Link: Sephora
During the Winter, my lips become extremely chapped and dry. This has been my savior the last few weeks! I love the sheer plum color, because it adds a gorgeous hue to my lips that works with my skin tone. The texture is unbelievable too. I am definitely repurchasing this when I run out! I also want to try the other cranberry-ish shade they have! 

2. Chanel Velvet Mat Top Coat 
Price: $25
This is one of the coolest and innovative ideas I have seen for nail polish. I have heard of these top coats before, but never seen one that works this well. This nail polish completely gives a matte finish to all nail polish colors. It is extremely unique and no nail polish looks like it once applied! This would look beautiful over your favorite holiday red nail color. I LOVE THIS!

3. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
Price: $46.50
Link: Sephora
This is one of the loveliest face creams I have tried! The consistency is kind of like a serum, so it applies very smoothly! I love the beautiful jar, and the smell is great. This cream provides great moisture for my dry skin especially during the holidays. 

4. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!
Price: $19
Link: Sephora
I have really enjoyed this mascara! I am usually a fan of drugstore mascaras, but I heard such great things about this one and decided to treat myself. I like the way it lengthens and thickens my lashes. The pigmentation is great. I do not know if it is significantly better than drugstore quality, but still an awesome product. 

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Review: Rimmel London's Moisture Renew Lipstick in " Rose Blush"!

Rimmel London's Moisture Renew Lipstick in " Rose Blush"
Net Weight: 0.11 OZ
Company: Rimmel London
Where to buy: CVS, Walgreens
Link: Ulta
Price: $6-9

Formula: I like the formula! I don't think it is super moisturizing, but there is a nice shine to it. Dior Addict lipstick is more moisturizing in my opinion. It goes on very smoothly, and even application of color. The shade is absolutely stunning. It's a gorgeous bubbly pink shade with a slightly purple undertone. One negative thing is that the taste is not very pleasant. For a drug store lipstick, I am impressed!
Packaging: I am obsessed with the packaging! It's really sleek and modern, and has a great look to it. The reflective purple packaging is gorgeous. Also, the cap rests on the tube well so there isn't any accidents. 
Longevity: The longevity was average. The color lasted a long time, but the shine faded quickly. I had to reapply after 2 hours. 

Something Extra: I tried this as a cream blush for my cheeks and it worked out beautifully! It gave my cheeks a dewy glow that no other blush has done for me.

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DIY: Yummy Green Smoothie {Promotes Clear and Bright Skin!}

  • Hey guys! This month's DIY post is a little different than most! Normally I would give a great recipe for a mask or balm, but today I wanted to share a yummy recipe for a healthy green smoothie. It is filled with delicious fruits and greens! Not only does it taste great, but green smoothies are known for cleansing the unhealthy toxins in your body. By adding some spinach and greens into your daily smoothie, you can promote a healthier and brighter complexion. Enjoy!

  • PS: It does take time to get used to the taste! 

  • Ingredients
  • 1 banana, cut in chunks
  • 1 cup grapes
  • 1 (6 ounce) tub vanilla yogurt
  • 1/2 apple, cored and chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups fresh spinach leaves
  • 1 tbsp of wheat grass

  • Directions
  • Throw all of the ingredients into the blender. Blend until there is a smooth consistency with no lumps!

  • Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. Please follow and try this recipe out! Love you guys :)


Review: Wet n' Wild MegaLast Lip Color {Review, Pictures, Swatches!}

Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lip Color in "Black Cherry"

Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lip Color in "Cherry Bomb"
Net Weight: 0.11 OZ
Company: Wet n' Wild 
Where to buy: CVS, Walgreens
Price: $1-3

Formula: There are pros and cons. The formula is quite drying, and needs to be applied with tons of chap stick to make it look acceptable. BUT, the pigmentation is amazing and can be completely opaque within one coat. It doesn't apply to evenly either. I only bought this for 99 cents, so I wasn't expecting much with this purchase. 
Packaging: The packaging isn't exactly luxurious, but it's acceptable. It's sturdy enough so that it won't break, and you can clearly see the color so you know what you are buying. You definitely aren't paying for the packaging for this specific product. 
Longevity: Longevity is pretty awesome! Because the color is so dark, it works as a lip stain and has quite the lasting power. I wore this through a few meals before needing to reapply. Impressed with the length of wear. 

Overall, for the price, I think this lipstick is worth purchasing. I do not wear dramatic lips normally, so I do not feel the need to invest in a $30 red lipstick. This is sufficient enough and has quite a few pros to it! I would recommend this to a friend.

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Eye Tutorial: Frosted Cupcakes {Pictures, Directions, Product List!}

Hey everyone! With the transition into Winter, I thought it would be perfect to do a frosty winter eyeshadow tutorial! The frosted eye and harsh eyeliner gives a wonderful balance between innocence and edginess. In order to warm up the face, I used a coral blush. I really love how this look turned out and hope you enjoy it as well!

Products Used:
Benefit's "Her Name Was Glowla" Palette
Benefit's "Coralista" Blush
Maybelline "Falsies" Mascara 
Bobbi Brown "Black Ink" Gel Liner
Urban Decay Primer Potion

Step 1: Apply an eyeshadow primer and blend well.
Step 2: Apply any pink shimmery eyeshadow to your eye lid. I used my Benefit palette which is not available in stores anymore. Any pearly pink would be perfect. 
Step 3: To create an enlarged bright eye effect on your eye, take a pure white shimmery eyeshadow and pack it onto the center of your lid. 
Step 4: Time for eyeliner! I did a thick consistent line from the inner corner of my eye extending all the way past my eye as well. I did a flared out wing in order to make my eyes look more dramatic and enlarged. 
Step 5: I then applied mascara onto my upper and lower lashes. I did emphasize my lower lashes quite a bit as well in order to open my eyes up. 
Step 6: To warm up my complexion and give some shape, I swept some of Benefit's "Coralista" Blush on the apples of my cheeks up to my temples. 


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I really like the way it turned out and I hope you try it soon! Thank you so much for reading and please follow. Love you guys <3


Young Celeb Spotlight: Chloe Grace Moretz

She is absolutely stunning! Chloe Grace Moretz, a growing star who has featured in multiple well-known films such as Kick Ass and her upcoming role of Hugo, has scored a huge feature in this month's Teen Vogue. She has become one of my style icons from young Hollywood. Rocking Chanel and Alexander McQueen, for her red carpet style has been one of my favorites focuses. Her feature  reminded me of her fresh and spunky spirit! I really loved her beautiful makeup and clean outfits in the photo shoot. I think I may recreate one of her looks from the spread. She is definitely one of my favorite actresses! I just wanted to share with you my respect for Chloe herself!


Nail Combo: Chanel's "Blue Satin" and Deborah Lippmann's "Today Was A Fairytale"

After painting my nails with Chanel's "Blue Satin," ($25) I was unsatisfied with the finish of the polish. Coming off as a reflective blue, it dried as a matte almost black navy. In order to spice things up, I added Deborah Lippmann's "Today Was A Fairytale" ($18) nail polish, my favorite from her glitter polish collection. It instantly perked up my nails, and has become one of my favorite nail combos. Definitely recommend this to anyone, but maybe don't splurge on the navy polish. Thanks for reading!


Top 5 Most Used Brushes

Hey everyone! In this post I am featuring my TOP 5 most used brushes! I don't wear much makeup on a daily basis, so these are used mostly when I go to parties and such. I hope you enjoy!

Urban Decay "Good Karma Shadow Brush"
This brush conveniently came with one of my palettes, so I use it quite often. This flat shader brush is great for packing on color onto my eye lids. I don't think the quality is as great as a MAC 239, but it does the job. The fibers are synthetic so it can be used with cream products too. 

Click HERE to visit Urban Decay's website

MAC 217 Brush
Favorite brush ever! This is literally the best multi use brush I have ever used. I love blending with this and applying sheer washes of color all over as well. This isn't for precision, but is great for smoothing out uneven eyeshadow. The quality of MAC's brushes is supreme, I would recommend this to everyone.

Click HERE to visit MAC's website

Bobbi Brown "Eye Blender Brush"
I really like this brush to blend sharper edges! Because of it's tapered edge it fits really well into my crease! The quality is great and the bristles are really soft. 

Click HERE to visit Bobbi Brown's website

MAC 209 SE Brush
Anyways, this is my go to eyeliner brush! I use this with my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, and I absolutely love it. It has wider over time, so the application isn't as precise. Nonetheless, this is still one of my favorite eye liner brushes and I like it better than any angled brush. 

Click HERE to visit MAC's website

ELF Blush Brush
This brush is amazing! The quality and price impress me. I use this mostly for contouring, but I do like the application of blush with this is used on it's side. I use this brush so often because if I am in a hurry in the morning, I am able to double up by applying bronzer and blush with this same brush. The bristles are really soft too! 

Click HERE to visit ELF's website

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any brush recommendations, please tell me! If you enjoyed this post please follow! Love you guys <3


Skincare Series: Top 3 ACNE FIGHTING Face Washes

Hey everyone! This is the second part of my mini skin care series! The first part listed my three favorite gentle cleansing face washes! In this post, I am going to be recommending great acne fighting face washes. This post is for people who have slightly oily and sensitive skin that needs a kick! Keep reading for recommendations and reviews!

Product: St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub
Price: ($2-4)
Link: Walgreen's

This face scrub is invigorating and acne battling! It can be harsh on your skin, so limiting your use to only when your skin is breaking out is recommended. It work's wonders! My face feels so soft after using this. The apricot scent is lovely. This can be found at any local drugstore for an extremely reasonable price.

Product: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
Price: ($7-9)
Link: Walgreen's

This is one of the most noted facial cleansers out there! Neutrogena has designed a oil-free acne wash that is great for everyday use. In my opinion, I think it is great for controlling oil but doesn't fight horrible breakouts. I love the refreshing citrus aroma of grapefruit so this is great for morning use. This too can be found at any local drug store.

Product: bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam
Price: ($28)
Link: Bloomingdale's

This face wash is absolutely unique and amazing. Even though this isn't technically towards acne, it clears my skin and cleans my pores so well! It has this invigorating effect on my skin. You can literally feel the exfoliation occurring on your skin. Love this!! It is a little of a splurge, but definitely worth it!

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November Wish List!

Happy November! November is one of my favorite months because winter is just beginning and Thanksgiving is right around the block! The products listed below have caught my attention and definitely hit my wish list! Tell me below if you have any of these and what you think!

1. Nars "Danmari All About Cheeks" Blush Palette ($65)
2. Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish ($16)
3. Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos in "Red Glitterati" ($15)
4. MUFE "Wild and Chic Aqua Cream Collection" ($175)

**All products can be found on

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Product of Interest: Pacifica Lip Tints

Being a huge fan of Pacifica scents, I was very happy when I saw that they came out with a new line of lip care! I am obsessed with their body butters, so I have high hopes in terms of the moisture of these lip tints. These remind me of the Burts Bees lip tints. I have only seen them at Sephora but didn't get a chance to test them because the testers were quite filthy. They are priced at $9 individually, but there is a set on the Pacifica Perfume Website that sells for $18. Guavaberry, Coconut Nectar, and Blood Orange are in the set. There are a few other sold individually as well. If anyone has this, please tell me because I would love to pick it up once I run out of my other lip products. Thanks guys! <3