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Hey everyone! This is a "How To" post on all things blush! Blush is one of my favorite makeup products. I try to wear it everyday! It brightens up any complexion and gives a lovely "flush" that is hard to achieve naturally without running around the block first. Keep reading for tips and a diagram of where to apply it for different effects! Thanks <3

Frequently Asked Questions

What is blush?
Blush is a product in the form of cream, liquid, or powder. It normally is tinted pink, peach, or red. People normally use blush on their cheek area. Blush is used to give a flush to one's face as well as brighten any complexion.

Where should I apply my blush?
Plenty of people think that blush should just be applied all over your cheeks. They are wrong! Small details to think of when applying blush can totally change the way your makeup is viewed upon. Down below are diagrams that I made of where to apply!

What blush is right for my skin tone?
Some blushes look better on some people than others. Just because it looks great in the pan does not mean it will blend well with your skin.
Pale Skin Tone- a lot of blushes fit this shade of skin well! Baby pink blushes with a blue undertone look best with pale skin. Sheer washes of color make pale skin glow! To get a warmer effect, something peachier will work! Stay away from dark pink colors because it can overpower your face.
Medium Skin Tone- Peachy pinks and corals are right for you! This coincides well with your skin color because it has a warmer undertone. A classic pink will still look great though. Medium skin tones tend to have more of a yellow undertone, so you want to make sure to find a blush that compliments your honey accents!
Dark Skin Tone- Everything goes well! The only issue is finding something pigmented enough to show up well on a dark skin tone! I love the look of purple blush on dark skin for some reason! One thing to be careful about is buying something too light. Extremely pale blushes can appear chalky and unhealthy on a dark skin tone, so aim for a deeper blush color when purchasing one.

Where Should I Apply Blush?
The common place is on "the apples of your cheeks." While that looks great, people have been mistakenly applying it right on the center of their cheek! Read below for tips on where to apply for your best results.

Apples Of Your Cheeks

Applying any type of blush right smack dab on the apples of your cheeks creates the illusion of a fuller and rounder face. It can sometimes look pudgy if done wrong. Blush on the apples of your cheeks gives a "sweet" and "youthful" appearance. With it applied this way, it will not contour your face and features. Wearing this gives a very innocent, lovely, and feminine feel to your makeup look!

Slightly Under Your Cheek Bone

This is my favorite technique to use when apply blush. Sweeping this blush under your cheekbones all the way to your hairline gives an edgier look. Bringing the blush all the way up to your hair line provides a lift that makes your cheekbones stick out! (in a good way...) A harsher jaw bone and intense cheekbones has a more sophisticated feel that looks beautiful and elegant.


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  1. This is a great informative post, I have seen blush applied wrong and it doesn't always look good tehe.