Spinning in LA: An amazing and surprisingly addictive workout

The ever-increasing fan base of spinning, also known as indoor cycling, has increased to its highest level yet. Spinning has evolved into a sport where trendy hangout spots offer 1 hour classes for a high price. Although the price is steep, a sensational workout is guaranteed. These spinning businesses blast loud music and hire energized instructors that motivate their customers. Although I consider myself a penny pincher, this pricey workout is worth my money. Now you may be silently asking me, why not join a gym that offers spin classes? Well, I have tried countless gyms in Los Angeles that charge a lower fee, but none truly meets the level of an true spinning joint that focuses specifically on achieving a great workout on an indoor cycle. I have not stopped going to spin class ever since I started, and the results are remarkable! Spinning helps me achieve a toned body and burn unwanted fat. I truly feel healthier and more energetic. I would recommend the practice to ANYONE.

Listed below are some of my favorite spin "institutions" in the Los Angeles Area: