Skincare Switch: From CHANEL to CLINIQUE!

Hey everyone! Recently, I finished my old Chanel skincare products. I owned the cleanser for normal skin and the illuminating moisturizer. They were great for simple cleansing and light moisturizing. I didn't realize until switching to Clinique; that my skin remained the same if not more irritated with the Chanel skincare. Chanel skincare is loaded with perfumes, which can cause a reaction from sensitive skin. I love the scent free formula that Clinique uses. I've noticed my skin has tremendously cleared up! I did enjoy the texture of my skin when using Chanel though. It has a more luxurious and creamy texture that is hard to beat. Overall, I'm sticking with Clinique! The price is unbeatable, the source is reputable, and the product is great. I really enjoy the moisturizer's ease of use and how quickly my skin soaks the product up. The facial cleanser has a lovely texture but does not foam as much as the Chanel wash. I don't think I will be going back to Chanel skincare for a while!

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Quick Remedies To Brighten Up Your Complexion!

With the long weekend passing, multiple parties, long work hours, and the harsh prominence of reality, your face and complexion can take a toll. Breakouts, dark circles, and a general dullness to the face has been one of my issues. These are my super simple remedies that can all make a big difference on how my skin radiates during the day!

1. Work Out!
I don't know the science behind this technique, but taking a quick jog around my neighborhood or participating in a sport does wonders for my acne! My pores disappear, my skin glows, and all my acne goes away when I work out on a daily basis. It's like magic! Sweating cleans out all the toxins in your body, therefore allowing your skin to breathe and look healthier. 

2. Eat Healthy
Junk and processed food really does affect your skin. What you put in is what you get out! All of the oil buildup in greasy foods parallels the oil buildup in your skin. By balancing fruits and vegetables, it will allow your body to attain a regular cycle of digestion which will improve the quality of your skin. 

3. Mud Masks!
This is one of my favorite techniques for brightening my complexion if I am feeling lazy! Slathering on a mud mask soaks up oils in my pores as well as tightens my skin, making an overall improvement that's noticeable! Brightening cleansers are amazing as well. 

4. Sleep
This is the most obvious remedy. Try to catch up on your sleep on the weekends! Taking one day to completely sloth in bed will make a huge improvement for your behavior for the week. 

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Favorite Celebrities Grammy's Makeup {2012}

Hey everyone! On Sunday, the Grammy's took place in Los Angeles. I was so excited to see all of the glamourous makeup and fashion that the women would be wearing! Out of all the looks, these were my favorite.

Adele's "Old Hollywood" makeup was stunning! I loved the thick lashes and bold red lip! She kept her crease defined with a simple taupe eyeshadow which looked stunning, and a simple bronzed and dewy face which perfectly balanced everything. Gorgeous! 

 Kelly Osbourne 
I'm totally digging the lavender lips and hair! The muted colors are unique, and she totally rocks it. A simple  silver eyes with thick lashes gave a modern twist to her makeup. 

 Taraji Henson
Taraji's use of lavender in her eye makeup was executed beautifully as well. The romantic purple on the inside of her lid brightened up her eye. I also love the bronze crease to keep it "goddess like!" Nude lips kept everything simple. 

 Cyndi Lauper
Although I'm not crazy about the makeup look on her, I think it worked well on it's own! She, boldly, was one of the only celebrities to rock spider lashes too. The classic charcoal smokey eye looked great. I also love how she has white eyeliner on her lower waterline instead of making everything black like most smokey eye looks! I don't know about the coral lip, but the eyes were stunning and the main focus.

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Obsession: Voluspa Candles

My awkward candle story...

Candles have always been a weird subject for me. Always wanting to burn candles around my house, my mom would shut me down by saying that they are a "fire hazard." One day I finally got her to crack, so I went on a candle spree. I first started with Bath & Body Works candles, which sadly disappointed me with their generic smell and cheap look. Then I ventured further into the candle world. I never really thought that I would choose high end candles over cheaper candles, but there is a difference! I've noticed that with higher end candles, a more softer and subtle scent fills the room with a pleasant aroma of floral and musk, not a whack of pumpkin spice. My mood changes due to the candle I am burning, so it is important to invest in something that is enjoyable for a long period of time!

Once I discovered Voluspa Luxury Candles and Home Fragrance, I immediately fell in love. Their candles are made from a coconut-soy wax blend, which burns beautifully in all spaces. The packaging upstages every other candle company out there, with beautiful patterns, tinted glass, and colorful tins. The prices are not outrageous, and the quality is phenomenal. Every single scent is crafted with such elegance it is hard not to buy every single candle. I would recommend this for gift-giving and personal pleasure! My favorite scents include Saijo Persimmon, Laguna, Macaron, Crisp Champagne, Vervaine Olive Leaf, Apricot &Aprilia, and Atelier Provence Lavande. Voluspa also has their scents organized into different collections of scent. As long as I burn candles, I will always look to Voluspa for products. 

Just a side note...One thing that I do is save the candle tins for storing clips or little knick knacks in them! They work as beautiful little organizers.

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Tutorial: BIGGER and BRIGHTER Eyes!

Hey guys! In this tutorial, I am giving you some basic tips on how to brighten and liven your eyes! Plenty of people suffer from baggy, droopy and tired eyes. Through this tutorial, your eyes will be given a kick of life! Enjoy.

Tip 1: Use a champagne or white eyeshadow on the center of your eye lid. This will open your eyes up. The light shimmery shade attracts a flattering angle of light that widens any tired eyes! I used the Wet N' Wild Color Icon Eye Palette in "Walking on Eggshells." 
Tip 2: Full and curled eyelashes are a great solvent to tired eyes. If you have straight and short lashes, apply a curling mascara to open the appearance your eyes. Never forget to put mascara on your lower lashes as well! This extends the perimeter of your eye, therefore giving a doe-eyed look. Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara is perfect for the job. 
Tip 3: To help give definition to your eyes, applying a smudged gel liner into your upper lashes is an amazing technique. You can manipulate the shape of your eye with thickening in the center and other techniques. Providing definition to your eyes improves the appearance of baggy eyes dramatically. 
Tip 4: White eyeliner on the waterline of the eye extends the whites of the eyes, making them look a million times bigger! I've noticed that it also gives youth to the look of your eyes when used. 
Tip 5: Slightly defined crease. For this tip, you must use a slightly brown matte shade in the crease of your eye. This is just for a tiny bit of definition to help shape your eyes! Never go overboard with this step.

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