My INGLOT Freedom System 10 Eyeshadows Palette {Pictures, Swatches, Reviews!}

So Basically....

I have always wanted a MAC eyeshadow palette, but the price always delayed the purchase of one. One day while reading Temptalia, I read her review on Inglot Eyeshadows, an up and coming brand. The price ($5 an eyeshadow), excellent reviews, and great recommendations pushed me to order one online. Down below is an explanation of the "Freedom System" and reviews and pictures of each eyeshadow! :)

**WARNING: Extremely long and detailed post haha!**

MY Inglot Freedom System 10 Eyeshadows Palette!

What is the Freedom System?
Inglot has a system where you can choose either 2, 4, 5, 10, or 20 eyeshadows for a custom palette! You can choose any colors that you wish and in whatever order you want. The eyeshadow pan was $10 for my 10 eyeshadow palette. 

Eyeshadow Formulation Review:

Texture: Inglot Eyeshadows are extremely smooth and apply evenly. There is barely any fallout, and the chunky glitter eyeshadows transfer pretty evenly. 
Longevity: This was Inglot's downfall. It seems as if I am the only one with problems of their longevity! I have tried several bases including Revlon cream eyeshadows, concealer, and Urban Decay Primer Potion. It seems as if the color fades within a couple of hours unlike my Urban Decay Eyeshadows. I still haven't given up though!
Pigmentation: I am extremely impressed with the pigmentation! Very little eyeshadow is needed to have an opaque finish. There is an extreme consistency with the pigmentation of their eyeshadows.
Product: There is so much product in this eyeshadow! MAC eyeshadows are normally .05 oz for $15. An Inglot Eyeshadow is .09 oz for usually $4.50! The price difference and amount of product is a lot more economic. 
Packaging: The packaging is unique. It has a magnetized cover that can be stacked with multiple palettes. One HUGE complication is that it is almost impossible to take the eyeshadow out once you have put it into your palette.


My Chosen Eyeshadows

During the process of picking my eyeshadows, I chose a lot of mattes. There are not a lot of pigmented matte eyeshadows out there, so when I found out Inglot made some great matte shadows, I jumped on the opportunity. Also, my Urban Decay Naked Palette is basically all shimmer, so I needed some matte neutrals. I also added a few fun colors like navy and purple to change it up a bit. 

Matte Eyeshadow #391 - a matte black

Matte Eyeshadow #326 - a matte plum chocolate brown

Pearl Eyeshadow #409 - A warm chocolate brown with gold shimmer and glitter


DS Eyeshadow #494 - purple with blue undertones and gold glitter/shimmer

Matte Eyeshadow #339 - matte light charcoal gray

DS Eyeshadow #339- shimmery white champagne

Pearl Eyeshadow #431- pearl shimmer with pink undertones

Matte Eyeshadow #360- light matte brown with gray undertones

DS Eyeshadow #463- neutral champagne with gold shimmer and glitter

For some reason, the eyeshadows look washed out because of the flash! They are much more vibrant in person. 

 (From top to bottom) #395, #431

(From top to bottom) #463, #339, #360, #494

(From top to bottom) #389, #409, #326, #391

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  1. Wow amazing palette! I've seen Inglot in Youtube videos and such. I love how their palettes have that cover that is cool! I always thought they were super expensive but I'm glad to hear they aren't. I'm really loving that plum color.

  2. I want some Inglot eyeshadows so bad! Last time I went on their website it was really confusing and I thought they were more expensive...But you said $5 each with 10 palette, that's not too bad! I was thinking about waiting till next time I go to Vegas to purchase them at their store there!

  3. Yeah the 10 colors palette was only $60 including the palette and eyeshadows! For a comparison, 10 MAC eyeshadows would be like $150 without purchasing the palette that holds it! <3

  4. Your color choices are AWESOME! I've been playing with their site, but I really want to select my shadows in person! Guess I'm going to have to plan a trip to Vegas one day to visit a flagship store...

  5. you have a nice color collection :)

  6. Thanks guys!!! <3

    Yes, the best thing would to select your eyeshadows in person. Everyone has their own specific preferences! I got lucky by picking the right stuff online!

  7. Gorgeous selection of colours! But you're right about the huge complication of not being able to take the shadows out of the palette..