BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES- Essential #2: Hair Help!

Hey guys! Welcome back to the second part of this awesome series. If you are slightly behind, click here to read my first back to school essential! In this post, I am going to talk about simple hairstyles and tricks to stay simple, focused, and cute for school.

Tip #1- Keep It Out Of Your Face!!!

Rubber bands, clips, and headbands are a huge help for school. During a test or important lecture, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your hair! Clipping or pinning your hair out of your face can make a huge difference in how you work and make it easier to absorb all of the information during your class.

Tip #2- Picture Day: Do Something Dressy!

Wearing a special hairstyle is an essential for picture day. Remember, this picture is a representation of how you looked in high school! When your old friends and family are looking at this picture, they will remember that picture the most, so you want to look fabulous! You can do whatever you want, I don't want you to think you have to use these tips. BUT, a hairstyle is what frames your face and pulls your whole look together. 

Half- Up Half- Down Hairstyles: This is one of my favorite hair styles for picture day. Lauren Conrad represents the perfect style of this. Clipping your hair up will provide a frame for your face and give an effortless look. Also, it will get the hair out of your face and let the camera be able to see your beautiful smile and eyes! Curling the bottom half and adding some volume to the top half will give a very pretty look. Keeping your hair pin-straight is also gorgeous.

Creative Braid: Do not fall for the idea that you HAVE to wear your hair down! Beautiful messy buns, sleek ponytails, and braids can be worn for picture day and still look fabulous. The fishtail braid has been a huge trend, so try doing a side part and a skinny fishtail braid for your picture! It is feminine and unique!

Simple: Like Angelina, taming some frizzy parts of your hair with some serum and clipping a few pieces of hair from your face will be just enough for you! If you are into a simple and classic style, try sporting a side part and clipping the front pieces to the side with a bobby pin. 

Thanks for reading guys! I really hope this was helpful. I love you guys so much! Please please please follow! Remember, 100 by end of August= giveaway!!!!


  1. I really love the Lauren Conrad look! Beautiful and effortless.