Review: Maybelline One By One Volume Express Mascara

Hey readers! Today I am reviewing the Maybelline One By One Volum' Express! I have now owned this mascara for two months. I have had quite a while to experiment and test the product so I thought it would be a good time to do a review. I will be assessing the formula, packaging, and wand! Keep reading for "Before and After" pictures!

Maybelline One By One Volume Express Mascara
Net Weight: 0.31 OZ
Company: Maybelline
Where to buy: Ulta, CVS, Target
Link: Target
Price: $6-$7

The formula for this mascara is thicker than other mascaras I have tried. With a heavier consistency, the mascara will successfully hold curl to your lashes. One negative aspect to a thick formula is it's easiness to clump. By the second coat, I usually end up with clumpy lashes so I usually refrain to one coat of mascara on an average day. An aspect I love about this mascara is that you can create totally different results with your way of application! I can make very lengthened and separated lashes or smokey and voluminous lashes. It is very black unlike some black mascaras that come up gray. Also there is no flaking throughout the day. You have to be careful with the amount that you apply because it does become very clumpy by the second coat. To get a curled lash that ACTUALLY STAYS, I use my Revlon Lash Curler, apply my mascara, and then curl it AGAIN! This makes a huge difference. Pretty good formula overall...

The packaging is slightly obnoxious. It is not as sleek as an Yves Saint Laurent mascara, but for it's price, it is understandable. It is easy to handle and hold which is convenient. The shape is nothing special, like the majority of drugstore mascaras. 

I think the wand is really cool! I haven't seen too many mascara wands like this which is great! I actually prefer this wand because it creates a more separated detailed eye look. The shape is interesting. It has an oval shape that tapers off at the ends. The tapering is really great because it allows me to get those stubborn corner lashes! For my lower lashes, it does get clumpy if I am not extremely careful. Overall, pretty cool wand. It doesn't pick up a boatload of product so I never overdue it! 

The Lowdown
Basically, it's an average mascara. I do like it a lot for its price, but I do not know if I would repurchase it  because I would rather experiment with others. The bottle is mediocre, formula pretty good, and wand very unique. Overall I would recommend this to you. I think that anyone would think this is a pretty solid mascara. 

Here are some "before and after" pictures for a closer look:

Thanks so much for reading!! I hope this was helpful! Please follow and comment telling me what you think of this mascara! Love you guys <3

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