Beauty Tricks 101: Mix and Match FOR YOUR LIPS ONLY

Hey guys! This is the conclusion to my series! Woohoo! This is going to be the shortest post out of the series because lips are pretty simple.

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Lipstick: If you have run out of your last lipstick or have indefinitely lost it in your purse, try blush! Yes, I said blush. This may sound weird, but for a quick fix to pale lips, dabbing some blush onto your lips will bring a beautiful pink, coral, or red flush to your lips! Sealing it with a lip balm will keep the color lasting throughout your day. If you do not care for this method, try buying a product that does both jobs! NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream works as a dual product as well as OCC's Lip Tars! They have the consistency of a gloss but have the opaque-ness of a gloss.

Lipgloss: A great makeshift lipgloss is vaseline! If you are ever at an event and are at a loss for gloss (ha) go to the bathroom and there will most likely be a tub of vaseline there! Take a q-tip or your fingers and smear it over! It is totally safe for your lips and will give a healthy shine without taking away the color of your lipstick.

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