My Summer Reads!

Hey guys! So I promise this will make sense as you keep reading...

I haven't been to a pool or beach once this summer! My absolute favorite activity in the summer is to swim in a hotel pool (has to be in a hotel only haha!) and then jump out, bundle myself in a towel, and read any story by Sarah Dessen or anything along those lines while drinking a hotel fruit or cookies and cream smoothie. Excuse my terrible sentence construction as well as my cheesy whining. But unfortunately I have not gotten to experience that feeling this summer! I've been annoyingly battling bronchitis and fatigue for quite a while now, so I decided to cheer myself up by reading a love story. I LOVE to read fiction. I prefer light love stories, but I do not mind heavy mysteries like "The Hunger Games" (which is awesome by the way.) On another note, I just finished "The Summer I Turned Pretty" by Jenny Han. I liked it, but didn't LOVE IT. I definitely wanted to read more and find out what happens in the future, but I was quite bothered with a lot of parts of the book. First of all, I was obsessed with Jeremiah and did not want her to end up with Conrad. Sorry if I spoiled the ending! Belly was slightly selfish, and I wished she and Cam's relationship would have ended sooner so that she could have actually built a relationship with Conrad or preferably, Jeremiah. I will read the second book, but I just wanted to get my opinion out there to see if anybody agreed!

NOW onto the post! Down below I have listed the books that I plan to read this summer as well as some all time favorites that I wish to share with you! This is not beauty related whatsoever, but it is a great option to stick in your beach bag if you do not crave freezing salty water or a magazine to entertain you!

If you are looking for a book that will fill you with happiness and slight envy of characters, check these books out! At the end of each of these stories, I have sighed with pity wishing I was in the main characters position. I love each of these stories as a quick read. 


This is if you are looking for a heavier read. "Burned" is a love story but it is a lot deeper and more meaningful. I LOVED every single one of these books so go read them! All of the books besides "The Lovely Bones" is a series of some sort. 

No Specific Category?

Partly love, family, friends category I guess. When I see these books I view them on their own. These are in between heavy to light. I love the authors and books and you should definitely check them out!

Thanks for reading! There are plenty more I could recommend, but I have the worst memory so I couldn't remember each book that I liked. All of these books were phenomenal though, and you won't be disappointed! Comment below if you have read any of these and what you think! Please please please follow! I really hope I reach 40 followers! Thanks so much for your support! Look forward to more beauty post as the summer rolls on.  xoxox 

(Sorry for the scatter brained intro as well...)

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