BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES- Essential #1: Backpacks!

Hey guys! Luckily, the place I am currently staying at has internet! I may not post as frequently because I am technically still away, BUT I will try my best!

In this post I am listing the most important back to school essential, a backpack. This is part of another series that I am doing: back to school preparation. Enjoy! PS: There will be a relevant beauty and fashion post, I promise! I chose to do backpacks first because it is the most basic and essential item :)

A backpack, satchel, or any container of some sort is one of the most important thing to have for school! Choosing a backpack really depends on the amount of books or workload that you have. Backpacks keep all of your belongings together as well as organize all of your books and other essentials!


Heavy Duty
Heavy duty backpacks are designed for students who plan to carry a large amount of stuff. They are the sturdiest and have the most space. I would recommend a backpack that is not as "fashionable" and go for a Jansport or Swiss Army backpack if you have to take heavy textbooks home. Trust me, anyone would rather be comfortable with a practical large backpack that fits all belongings rather than a purse that barely holds anything! A luggage shop or Target has great options. 

Jansport Turqoise Backpack, North Face 'Borealis' Backpack

Cute Totes
If you have a second set of books at home, have a tote for in between classes, or just a light amount of work, a cute tote is the way to go! Henri Bendel has a great canvas tote bag with a ton of space for books! One negative aspect- tote bags can be uncomfortable! The weight on only one side causes some pain on my shoulders. If it does not bother you, then go for it! Here are some cute ones.

Juicy Couture 'Live For Love & Juicy' Canvas Tote, Victoria Secret 'Slouchy Tote'

Boho Satchel
These are cute too! Urban Outfitters and similar boutiques have these great backpacks that have a looser construction. I like these as well because they have plenty of space and provide a boho chic effortless look. Make sure you find one with plenty of compartments! 
Urban Outfitters Ecote 'Canvas Rusack', Urban Outfitters Kimchi 'Blue Rose Garden Backpack'

I hope this was helpful guys! Please comment on what you think about this post and follow! Thank you so much for your support and for reading this all the way through. Love you!!!

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