Beauty Tricks 101: Mix and Match! FOR EYES ONLY

Hey guys! This is a small series of three posts that I will be publishing over the next few days! I will show you guys how to get better use out of your products and maybe even bring out some products you have stored away.

Here's my story that somewhat makes sense that gave me the idea for this series!: One day while searching for the dream color that I clearly did not own, I sadly came up empty handed. Settling for just a normal blush, I noticed it looked a lot different on my cheeks than usual. I realized that I had forgotten to clean my brush that had bronzer on it! The idea that I could mix and match with certain products excited me! I went on a mixing spree making tons of concoctions for the face, eye, and lip. Down below are some tips and tricks about how you can make a multi-use mixture for your eyes or double up products! Within this week I will post the tips all about the face and lips. Enjoy

Beauty Tricks For Eyes:


Mineral Eyeshadows: ARGHH! Did you just spend $30 bucks on a MAC mineralize eyeshadow and it ends up being sheer but you can't/won't return it? Don't throw it out just yet! In case you didn't know, mineral eyeshadows are known to be used wet or dry. Applying water to your brush SIGNIFICANTLY increases pigmentation of the shadow. Trust me! Also, make sure to use a base to increase sticky-ness. If none of these options work and it just appears as sheer glitter, try it as a highlight! NEVER give up!

Pencil: Tired of smudged eyeliner? Black eyeshadow is key! Setting eyeliner with a powder doubles the staying power as well as increases pigmentation. Using it on your waterline or lash line will help. It also gets rid of the "greasy-ish" feeling of cream on your waterline.

Highlighting/ shimmery shadows: If you are tired of the same old eye lid color, inner tear duct highlight, or brow bone highlight, dare to mix! Instead of going for a matte white, grab some glitter or a shimmery nude to add to the routine! If you have a matte nude color that is not showing up quite as much as you like, lightly take a brown and swish it over for some extra color! Layering is a huge technique used frequently, and you should give it a shot! If I feel a color is too shimmery, I will usually put a matte color over to slightly tone it down or a matte color in the crease. Mixing pigments is great!

Eyebrows: Eyebrows feeling dull and soft? Be bold and try one shade darker! Don't go for the ape look, but try a bolder brow if you want to create sharper edges on your face. Vice versa for opposite effect! Also, if you are tired of stray hairs and do not want to invest in a brow gel, take a spool with some leftover hair spray and comb it through! It will provide extra hold.

Eyeshadow: If you are out of your favorite eyeshadow and in a hurry, try using your normal highlighter or shimmery bronzer instead! If you have a glittery bronze or champagne highlighter, most likely it will be safe to sweep that across your lids for a pop of color in your eye look! Who knows, it may just replace the beloved eyeshadow in your old routine.

Fingers?!: If you are longing for an expensive brush that you cannot afford but absolutely "need", don't feel as if you have to use brushes at all! Using your finger with a eye product can actually distribute more pigment! Fingers are awesome blenders, and there are 10 options and sizes! Your lower lash line can be applied to with the pinky finger, and you can blend gently with your ring finger. Many looks can be pulled off with no brushes! Just remember to wash your hands!!

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