DIY: Soothing Oatmeal Bath

Hey readers! Back with another DIY! I am going to try to get in a "Do It Yourself" post at least once every 3 weeks. Since I've focused on hair and face already, I thought I should do something for body! This oatmeal bath is extremely simple, residue free, and baby/kid friendly! If your skin needs an extra kick of moisture or something to soothe a rash, this is your go to recipe. Skin Care benefits, ingredients, and directions are listed below so keep on readin'! Love you guys.

Skin Care Benefits
Oatmeal: Oatmeal is an old trick that people have used to soothe dry/cracked skin, eczema, and rashes. It is awesome as a bath, scrub, or mask! Using this in your bath will leave your skin rehydrated, smooth, and supple. 

Milk: The most preferable choice for bathing is to use whole milk or one with high fat content. I chose to include powdered milk because it dissolves easily into your bath water! Milk is great to use because it is filled with proteins, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants as well as Vitamins A, E, and D! Lactic Acid is also a main ingredient, which rid dead skin cells just like an exfoliant would. 

Honey: Honey is commonly used as an anti-aging ingredient! It is great for dry skin. It is considered a humectant. It rebuilds the moisture level in your skin without making it oily! 

What You Need:
- 1 cup of oatmeal
- 1/2 cup of powdered milk 
- 1 tablespoon of honey 
- A blender (ie coffee grinder, processer)

Put your oatmeal/oats in your blender. Blend until it has a powdery consistency. This will allow the water to soak up the oatmeal! You will get the most intense moisture through this step. If you leave your oats in whole pieces, there will be a residue on your bathtub and chunks of oats will be stubborn to go down the drain! After that step, mix in your powdered milk with the oatmeal powder. 
Now, fill up your tub with warm bath water. Add the dry mixture first and then evenly drizzle the honey into your bath. Wait around 1 minute to let the water soak up the ingredients. Jump into your homemade bath treatment and relax! 

I really hope you enjoyed! Try this recipe out and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading. Please follow! Thanks xoxo


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  1. Oh thanks for the tips! I've been using straight oatmeal on my face after a video I saw on YouTube but I think this will help especially with the drainage stuff. :)

  2. ooh this looks so nice and relaxing!

    I have given your blog some awards =)

  3. I love this!!!! It looks so relaxing. DIY recipes are the best. Your blog is great :)

  4. You guys are so nice! Thanks so much. <3