Beauty Tricks 101: Mix and Match FOR YOUR FACE ONLY

Heyy! Heres the second post in this series! Click here for the first one so you understand what this craziness is about! Thanks!

Beauty Tricks:

Cheeks: Need a new blush but you do not want to splurge?! Go through your lipstick collection. Yep, that's what I said. Lipsticks work as an awesome creme blushes. If you do not have a certain blush color, maybe your lipstick will replace the need for that blush! Make sure to use a moisturizing one so it does not cake on your face!

Liquid Product: If you do not own a concealer like me, do not worry! If you have extra blemishes, just build up your foundation on that spot. Concealer is just a thickened up version of foundation, and with enough patience, can be replicated easily! Vice versa as well. If you do not own a foundation and having a bad skin day, feel free to lightly apply concealer all over! For a lighter application, using a synthetic brush or an old blending brush will give a lighter touch.

Bronzer: You can always use your favorite brown eyeshadow with a light hand for contouring! But it is better to invest in a bronzer so you have more product and do not use up all of your shadow!
Highlighter: If you do not own a cream colored base or anything for highlighting, using a sheer lipstick works perfectly! It is even okay if it is slightly pink or peachy because those tones can look really great on your skin. Also an eyeshadow works.

Uh Oh! Too much product: ALWAYS have a fluffy blending brush on hand! I do not know how many times I have fudged up by putting slightly too much product on my finished makeup! I had to start over a bunch of times, but now with the purchase of a cheap fluffy brush, blending out product can completely give me a clean slate to work on without ruining the whole application of my makeup!

I really hope this was helpful! Please follow and comment what you think. Thanks for all of your support, LOVE you guys!  xx bex

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