A Purse Essential: Hand Sanitizer

Hi lovelies! This post is about my newfound habit, carrying hand sanitizer in my purse! I never used to care about hand sanitizer because I never knew the severity of germs. One day, after doing some public service, I woke up the next morning feeling sick and horrible. It turns out I caught a nasty sickness at the place I was doing community service at! I literally stayed sick for ten horrible days. That's when I realized I needed to wash my hands and sanitize constantly to prevent future sicknesses. But to me, boring Purell Hand Sanitizer was not an option! I had heard great things about Bath and Body Works Mini Hand Sanitizer, so I went to my local store and checked them out. The scents are fabulous! There are like 500 choices, and the mini size is great to carry around. I love these so much. I picked out two, and headed home with a big smile on my face.

My two favorite scents that I picked out are "Fresh Market Apple" and "Island Nectar." "Fresh Market Apple" has a very concentrated tart apple smell and "Island Nectar" is a sweet mango and peach scent. I love these so much! 

IMPORTANT: Do not overuse hand sanitizer!! A negative trait about hand sanitizing products... The chemicals dry out your hands and strip off essential oils. That is why I recommend to use it in moderation and in small quantities. Remember to limit yourself and keep a hand lotion nearby! 

I still believe in keeping one in your purse because you never know if you will ever touch a random sticky service or shake a sick person's hand! I hope this was helpful and gave you some ideas about what to keep in your purse! Thank you so much for reading. Please follow and comment what your favorite hand sanitizer is! Love you guys <3

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