Review: Organix Cherry Blossom Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been a little MIA! This week has been extremely stressful and hectic academically. Anyways, I just stopped using this shampoo and conditioner duo, so I thought I would do a review on it. I really had been wanting to try Organix because of it's sulfate free formula! I definitely made the wrong choice. I wish I had spent my money on another "flavor" because I was not impressed by this duo AT ALL. 

Scent: In terms of scent, this smells pretty good. The scent was what drew me to buying this, but it does not justify any of the negative aspects of this product. This shampoo and conditioner smell exactly like cherry blossom. 
Texture: The texture was fine. The conditioner was nice and thick which is what I prefer, but I thought the shampoo could have been a little lighter. The conditioner did not apply evenly at all though. I had to use a lot of product to cover my whole head which was very annoying. 
How Did My Hair React?
My hair felt dry, tangly, and did not look healthy while I was using this shampoo. I have heard from other bloggers/reviewers that this made their hair fall out. Obviously something is wrong with this formula. My hair was not silky at all nor did it feel "rejuvenated."I really dislike this shampoo! 

Overall, I would never buy this duo again. It did nothing for my hair that was beneficial. I am not saying that Organix is a bad brand at all though! Just this particular product did not work for me whatsoever. 

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