BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES- Essential #4: Makeup Must-Haves!

Hey guys! This is a post on what my makeup must-haves for school are! If you want, you can read my past posts in this series by checking out the links down below :)

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#1: Compact Makeup Pouch
You obviously need something to hold your makeup in! A cute little pouch that you can keep in your locker or backpack is the best option. Make sure to pack lightly! I do not recommend bringing foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blush, all of that stuff... Just stick with the essentials and a few touch up items! I love finding cute makeup bags to store my products in! Vera Bradley, Henri Bendel, and Clinique (their bags are usually free with purchase) always have wonderful options. I love these little makeup bags!

Marc Jacobs ($60), Clinque, Vera Bradley ($22)

#2: Eyelash Curler
Usually by the middle of the day, my eyelashes and eyes need a lift. Having an eyelash curler is extremely helpful to open up my eyes! Just a quick curl can make a huge difference. I have short and straight eyelashes unfortunately, but this significantly helps! I use my Revlon Eyelash Curler and it gets the job done. 

Revlon Eyelash Curler ($4-7)

#3: Moisturizing Lip Essentials
During the day, my lips become dehydrated and dull. I keep multiple lip products everywhere! I have a few in my pencil case, backpack, and locker! Having a multipurpose product is very convenient. I chose the Rosebud Salves because they smell great, give color, and add shine to my lips! The packaging is adorable as well. Nivea Shimmer Lip Care is a 2 in 1 product as well. It gives a dose of moisture but adds a pearlescent glow to your lips. I lastly chose Carmex balm because I thought everyone should have it. It only adds moisture, but it is extremely thick and will definitely leave your lips feeling smooth on a chilly day! 

Rosebud Salve ($7 each), Carmex ($1), Nivea Shimmer ($3)

#4: Have A Mini Perfume/Rollerball
If you need to freshen up or like to smell great, a roller ball perfume is awesome to have. It is easy to carry around and touch up during school! Just make sure not to over apply! You can carry your favorite scent everywhere! If your perfume does not come from the manufacturer, you can purchase special travel sized perfume holders to carry your scents. Travalo is a great company to check out. My ABSOLUTE favorite scent is the Issey Miyake L'eau De Issey perfume. It is amazing and I keep a travel size with me at school. It smells great (to me) and I love it so much. I would recommend this to anyone. 

Issey Miyake Rollerball ($23)

#5- Concealer
If you have a nasty breakout that you are trying to conceal, bring a small concealer palette in your makeup pouch. Touching up at lunch or break can make a huge difference. I prefer bringing a small compact with a few different shades of concealer so I can mix and match shades. If you are covering up a zit, use a green toned concealer to counteract the redness! For sallow eyes, try salmon concealer to cover up dark circles. I think the Sonia Kashuk Concealer is great because it comes with three shades and a setting powder! Bobbi Brown's color corrector is amazing as well. 

Sonia Kashuk ($12), Bobbi Brown ($22)

THANK YOU so much for your support! I love you guys so much! Please comment below telling me your makeup essentials for school! Don't forget to follow <3


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