A Music Update

Hey guys. Recently, I have been on a Skrillex kick. For some reason, every time I get stressed I turn on "Cinema" or "Weekends" by Skrillex. I know that it is supposed to pump you up and make you super aggressive (lol) but I get surprisingly calm after listening to these songs. I just wanted to get the word out there, because he is awesome! He drops some intense bass and is one of my favorite dub step artists. Love him!

P.S. Just a funny thought, I always feel like going to an intense rave every time I listen to dub step. Does that happen to you or am I just weird haha?


  1. I love Skrillex...he's going to be playing near me on Thursday but I won't be able to make it booo! And no your not weird :) Every time I hear some good music that gets me dancing I wish I was at a rave! Have you listened to Nero? I've been really loving their new CD! (it's not as heavy as Skrillex but I love it) Let me know if you like it, I love sharing my excitement about music with people! :D

  2. Ah I am dying to go to a Skrillex concert!! And yes.. love Nero!