How To: Applying False Eyelashes

Hi guys! So, people make false eyelashes seem like a breeze, but it is ACTUALLY REALLY HARD. There is no easy way of mastering the technique. This post will help improve your skills and give you a little info on how to apply false lashes as well as what each type of lash serves as. Keep reading for helpful tips below <3

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The Purpose: False eyelashes are used to create voluminous, curled, and longer lashes. They open your eyes and can totally change the shape of them. There are different types of lashes, with different colors, designs, and patterns. Normally they are used to create wider set eyes with a lot of definition. False lashes definitely make your eyes the focal point.

Full Set: A full set is the most dramatic type of false eyelashes. A full set of eyelashes goes from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. This provides the most definition as an eye-opener. This gives your whole eye a lift!
Outer Accents: Outer accent lashes are for a smaller portion of your eye. You apply them directly to the outer corners. This provides an accent to your natural eye shape. This type of false eyelash is to create a cat eye, not thick lashes like the full set. It extends the edge of your eye, creating a dramatic shape. Pairing this with a thick wing of eyeliner looks gorgeous!
Individual: This is the most natural option for false eyelashes. It is kind of a tedious process because you have to put about 15 little pieces on for a full set. You can also use this just on your outer half. I do like the look of these the best because it is the most natural.

How To Apply: 
Applying false eyelashes can be tough and annoying. I still mess up every now and then!
#1: Have your glue ready. I recommend buying a lash glue that didn't come in the package with your eyelashes. Those tend to be cheaply made and have bad longevity. You do not want your eyelashes falling off in the middle of the night!
#2: Hold your lashes at the tips and apply a THIN layer of glue. I always mess this step up because the glue always gets everywhere and onto the actual lashes! Make sure to hold them at an even angle so the glue doesn't drip everywhere!
#3: Let the glue get tacky. The directions on the packaging usually say to wait 30 seconds but honestly it takes so much longer for me. I usually wait like a minute+. It depends on your climate and glue! You have to let it get sticky so it will be easier to place onto your eyes!
#4: Now place the lashes onto your upper lash line. Try to get it as close to your lashes as possible! You want it to blend and look natural. You can use tweezers for a precise placement. I recommend placing the lashes in the middle of your eye and then taking tweezers and dragging the corners to each end of your eye.
#5: Take your lash curler and curl your lashes together. This will blend them together!
#6: Apply a thin coat of mascara to further blend. Some people prefer to apply mascara before they apply their false eyelashes but I just do it after!
Lash Glue: The two most commons types of lash glue are clear and black. Clear lash glue is usually white with a clear finish and black is for intense eye looks. If you apply too much clear lash glue it may not dry transparent though so be careful!

DUO Lash Glue ($7-8)
This stuff honestly smells horrible but it works magic!

Kiss Strip Eyelash Adhesive Clear ($3.99)
The applicator is amazing and keeps the mess away.

False Eyelashes:
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MAC Lashes
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I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thought it was helpful! Thank you for reading and love you guys. Please follow <3

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