DIY: Luxurious Bath Bombs

Ever gone to LUSH and regret not trying one of their famous bath bombs! Not to worry! This super fun DIY will teach you how to make amazing bath bombs for yourself and for others! Keep reading for easy instructions!

What You'll Need:

Dry Ingredients:

  • Baking Soda - 8 ounces 
  • Citric Acid - 4 ounces 
  • Corn Starch - 4 ounces 
  • Salts - 4 ounces 
Wet Ingredients:

  • Water - .75 tbsp 
  • Essential or Fragrance Oil - 2 tsp (You can use any scents that you want! Peach, strawberries, or a floral scent work really well with this recipe) 
  • Oil - 2.5 tbsp  
  • Food coloring - 1 or 2 drops. (Try to match it to your fragrance!)
You will also need moldings if you want to make fun shapes. 

Step 1: Mix the dry ingredients together. Make sure that there are no lumps!
Step 2: Mix your liquids separately. Then slowly pour into your dry ingredients. If it starts to fizz, you are adding your ingredients too quickly. Just whisk the fizzing part quickly and slow down the amount of liquid you are adding. When you are finished the mixture should feel like damp sand.
Step 3: This step must be done quickly. Put your mixture into the desired shape. I like using either muffin pans or a heart shaped pan. Pack the product into the shape. They do not need to sit for a long time.

That's basically it! I hope you enjoyed this recipe! I think this is one of my more unique and cool DIY's so go ahead and give it a try! Thanks for reading guys <3 I got the inspiration and recipe from this link.


  1. ohh im gonna try this. sounds perfect for holiday gift bags.

  2. this recipe is awesome for that kind of occasion! :)