Review: La Mer "The Eye Concentrate" Eye Cream {Review, Photos}

Hey guys! This is a review on the La Mer Eye Concentrate! I recently got a sample of it and I am in love! The price is insanely unreasonable so I will be scraping the bottom of my little sample until there is absolutely nothing left. Anyways, for those who can afford this lovely luxury, I hope this is helpful! Keep reading for a detailed review!

Formula: The formula is really nice! It has a nice thick consistency, but it does not feel heavy on my eyes. I have tried eye creams that make my eyes water and shut because of the heaviness. I love this formula because I see INSTANT results when I apply it to my eyes. The fine lines and dark circles look instantly better. I usually am cautious of skin care products because most actually don't work! I am really impressed with this formula. The smell is a little "unique" though and it may not appeal to some.

Would I Ever Buy This?

If I was a blossoming billionaire that could afford to splurge on eye cream like this, yes I would happily buy the full size version of this product. I do not think that for an average person, this eye cream is worth spending $200 on. I am not too familiar with skincare products, but I am positive that there is a another eye cream out there that does an awesome job for a cheaper price.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Sorry I haven't been the best blogger. I know I promised a Fall Look Book, but I have been sick and struggling balancing school work and so much more! I promise a Winter Look Book will come out but I will try my best to fulfill all my promises! Thanks for sticking with me and please follow!!

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