Latest Love: NYX Round Case Lipsticks!

Hey guys! Lately, I have been experimenting with the NYX Round Case Lipsticks and I am so impressed with the quality. I wanted to do a few quick reviews on the couple of shades that I own! This post is showcasing the shade "Chloe 521." It is a hot magenta with a blue and purple duo chrome! It looks so fun and chic on!
Chloe 521

This is so pigmented! Literally with one swipe, it is enough product to cover your whole lips. I love using this as a slight flash of color by tapping just a little product on, or totally packing it on for an intense lip color. The formula is SO smooth and not chalky at all. It has a longevity for about 3 hours, which is amazing in my opinion. It is literally only $4, and the quality is a million times better than most high end lipsticks. I would buy this a thousand times over!! I recommend this lipstick to anyone. Stay tuned for a review on the next shade! 

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