Chicago Photo Diary {Summer 2011}

Hey readers! Just felt like sharing my trip to Chicago, Illinois! Chicago is a beautiful city with MILLIONS of activities to do. I really enjoyed this vacation and I took a few great photos! Keep reading to see the amazing city of Chicago!! <3


Located right outside the city, Chinatown has fabulous bakeries that serve fresh almond cookies and pastries that are amazing! I was ecstatic when I saw that they served dim sum which is my favorite type of traditional chinese food. Chicago's Chinatown is small and quant with plenty of fun stuff to do!

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast of Chicago is considered the fancy shmancy part of the city. I really loved it there! The first picture is a beautiful fountain at one of the parks. Those delicious looking pancakes are banana pancakes from "The Original Pancake House." If you are ever looking for a yummy breakfast that tastes like desert go visit that place!!!

Museum of Science and Industry

Where I live there are not that many great museums that interest me, but this place is amazing! The Museum of Science and Industry is HUGE. There are like 20 exhibits filled with mind blowing facts and  demonstrations. I loved the weather section that had actual vortexes that you could control, remake of a tsunami, and a lightening reenactment machine. There was a baby chicks center where they place around 15 eggs that are about to hatch so you can witness them! It was SO CUTE! The museum had a real submarine inside it. The whole place was amazing and one of my favorite Chicago stops. 

I hope you found this interesting and cool! This was just a small taste of my summer vacation. Oh by the way, they have a FOUR STORY ULTA. It was amazing I almost peed myself. Anyways, thank you so much for reading and have a great day! Love you guys and please follow! <3



  1. I've never been to Chicago, but it looks like you had a fun trip. I can just imagine the smell of those bakeries, mmmmm.

  2. Haha yes it was amazing! Thanks and hope you get a chance to visits someday <3