TREND ALERT: Marbleized Nail Polish

So freaking creative and cool! Who knew someone could make up such a great idea!! Marbleized nail polish is becoming a huge trend! It looks very difficult, but with a few tries the process will improve. Here is a picture so you know what I am talking about:

As you can see, the finished product is gorgeous! All it takes is a cup of water, at least two nail polish colors, tape, a tooth pick.

1) Wrap the tape around your nail to prevent any nail polish getting on your cuticles/skin. Some people use cuticle oil which is fine too!

2) Take your cup of water and nail polishes. Put a drop of nail polish in the water and alternate with the other about 3 or 4 times. They should be in the shape of concentric circles! (Finals week=geometry terminology haha) Do not worry about the polish blending or dissolving into the water because the chemical differences will not allow it!

3) (optional) Once finished, if you want to get a swirled effect on your nails, follow this step! Take the toothpick and mix the nail polish to the design that you please.

4) Place your nail in the cup of water +nail polish and lightly dip your nail(s) in.

5) To repeat for all your nails if you wish, you have to get the nail polish out of the cup of water and repeat the process. Clean any nail polish on your skin with some remover! Good luck and hope this works out!

Links for alternate directions/pictures:
Beautylish's Version
Great Video! It's not in english but very self explanatory... I chose this particular video because it was honestly the coolest one yet!

I hope this was helpful! I will post a picture of the results of mine later! Please follow and comment!

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