NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils Review

In this review, I talk about the product NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils. Colors and thoughts on the formula are below! Enjoy!

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils = my love. These pencils have a dual purpose. I use these as an eyeliner or a cream shadow! Primer is recommended if you are applying this as an eyeshadow because there can be some creasing by end of the day. Blending the formula is extremely easy to create a smokey eye or neutral eye look. To use the pencil directly on the eyes is the easiest form of application in my opinion. I really like some of the shades too! A negative aspect people complain about is figuring out how to sharpen this pencil. Some people have had trouble finding a large enough pencil sharpener because of it's thickness. A solution is that NYX sells their own sharpener which will fit perfectly! A new idea that I heard is to melt the pencil into "pot" form so that it is just a plain cream shadow! I do not know how the texture is after, but I'm sure it is still a great product! The price for each pencil is $4.50 on the NYX website. NYX's prices are my favorite thing about their brand, so go check this out!

These are all the shades currently on the NYX Website!

Favorite Shades:
French Fries
Iced Mocha

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  1. I finally tried NYX products for the first time & the jumbo eye pencil in Milk was one of the items. Thanks for posting this. I plan on getting more in the future so seeing the real like pictures in comparison to the website color swatches is a big help!

    Found your blog via Beautylish, btw. Hope you can check mine out when you get a chance :)


  2. No problem! Yes, I think this product is really solid and totally worth buying.
    Also, I saw your blog and I love it! I followed :) Please consider doing the same. xo