Sally Hansen "Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips"

Hey readers! How's your week? A new trend has sparked up at my school, so I am doing a review on the Sally Hansen "Salon Nail Effects" nail appliques! The idea and execution of this product is wonderfully done! In the past, I had heard and seen nail stickers, but none that impressed me. The selection of patterns and colors are amazing! I do not care for the actual solid colors, but the prints and INSANELY CUTE and worth every penny! Each package comes with a wooden cuticle pusher, double ended nail file, instructions, and of course, the stickers! They cost $7-11 depending on where you buy them! In my opinion I think they are extremely overpriced for what they are. Sally Hansen has proclaimed that these nail stickers last ten days max! I went to a couple friends and asked them how long theirs lasted and they said chipping occured within 2-4 days. I would never recommend buying the plain colored appliques when you can buy two bottles of nail polish that last for years! The unique prints are the only reasons that I buy this product! Because it is impossible to paint these designs with polish and the designs are too adorable to pass up, I buy them.

Texture: Very smooth! Apparently they are real nail polish strips so they give the feel and texture of real lacquer. The stickers themselves are extremely thin so they do not bring any discomfort.

Design: By far the coolest designs I have ever seen in nail art history. They are very cute and come in very intricate designs. My favorites are "Misbehaved, Fly With Me, Girl Flower, Kitty Kitty, Glitz Blitz, Bling It On, Ay Ay Captain, Don't Get Catty, and Frock Star." Basically, all of the prints haha!

Removal: You can pick at it or just use nail polish remover.

Application: First nails are difficult. Everything is sticky and peels. You are supposed to file away excess sticker. One problem is that the fit of the stickers to nails can be tricky and inconvenient. A few of the stickers were either too wide/skinny. There is a lot of trash from the peels so make sure to keep a plastic bag to throw everything away! I love that it comes with a cutitcle pusher and filer. The Sephora version comes with NOTHING and is even more expensive! The process as a whole took about 30 minutes!

Basically, this is a hit or miss product. If the designs were not as appealing, I would not waste a dime on this product no matter how long it lasted! Hopefully Sally will have a sale or do a price reduction so that everyone can enjoy this product without breakin' the wallet! Good luck to all you nail junkies out there, hope this review was helpful! PLEASE comment below on what you think and follow this blog! Thanks :)

Images below!!

Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips in "Don't Get Catty."

Cute finger, right? Yuck!

The Box

Nail applique before peeling

Two sided nail file with wooden cuticle pusher

Detailed Instructions!

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  1. You don't know how to apply them right. In the second picture, you can see the overhang of the strip on the left side. Also, certain ones are more pliable than others, unfortunatley. One called "Kitty, Kitty" is super thin and flexible and that lasted 10 days on me (I constantly wash my hands) and on my mom 2 weeks...But then another design, the flower one it lasted only 4 days because of the thickness of it, it also didn't want to stick...It really depends on the pattern, how often you use your hands, and the way you apply them, also a top coat is good to.

  2. Sorry that I am not perfect or a pro... Everyone's nails are different and they stick differently depending on the person. I am happy that you and your mom got the best use from the product. Also my nails were a little thinner than the actual sticker so I had to file the sides. I agree that I didn't place it as nicely near my cuticles but whatever! Not a big deal. Thanks for your input.

  3. Wow, some people who leave comments can be so rude!!! I love your pictures and appreciate your comments! These stickers are SO AMAZING~! They last weeks on my fingers but OVER A MONTH on my toes!! After 10 applications, I finally tried using small scissors to trim the whole sticker down to the correct length/width for my nail and then I use tweezers to hold it and peel and place the sticker where it needs to be. This has helped me tremendously so I thought I should pass it on :-) Keep up the great work!!

  4. Thank you for your support! And yes, the sally hansen strips are great :)