Philosophy Favorite: Peaches with Cream!

Philosophy's recent debut of their new scent has caught my eyes... and nose! It is called "Peaches with Cream". With fresh peaches and sweet cream lingering in the product, this is a definite must!! This is my all time favorite Philosophy scent. Normally, I do not care for some of their products because of the weird odor, but I LOVE these products. There is a lipgloss, lotion, and multiple. Philosophy designs their multiples to work as shampoo, body wash/shower gel, and bubble bath! You can either buy a full sized individual product or purchase them in a set! I love this very much, and I can't wait to use these for gifts and myself! Prices and links below.

Product: Lipgloss

Net Weight: 0.50 OZ
Company: Philosophy
Where to buy: Sephora, Nordstroms
Link: Philosophy  ($10)
Price: $10

Personally, if a product smells good, I'm in. Aside from Philosphy's Melon Daiquiri Lipgloss, this takes the cake. The gooeyness of the lipgloss works with the scent, so it does not feel to heavy on my lips. It tastes delicious!! The price is not too expensive compared to other lipgloss, so it is a good investment!

Product: Body Lotion                                              Product: Body wash            
                                                                                                   Bubble Bath

Net Weight: 16 OZ                                                   Net Weight:16 OZ                   
Company: Philosophy                                              Company: Philosophy
Where to buy: Sephora                                             Where to buy: Nordstroms  
Link: Philosophy ($24)                                             Link: Philosophy ($16)  
Price: $24                                                                     Price: $16

Both of these products are quite fabulous! They both smell exactly the same, which is important! Scented products can have variations of them, but will inconsistently have the same scent! Anyways, both are sized conveniently, with plenty of product to use up! There are mini sizes of each as well. I have very dry skin in general, so I need thick lotion to quench my skin's thrist. It does not moisturize as much I hoped, but it is still a pretty solid item. The shower gel is magnificent! It foams and smoothes out on my skin! I am fond of the packaging of both, and I hope Philosophy will make more products like these!

Product: Gift Sets!!
Company: Philosophy
Where to buy: (First one) Nordstroms, (Second) Sephora
Link: Gift Set w/out LipglossGift Set w/Lipgloss
Price: Both $25

In the first set, you receive a full sized lipgloss with a mini lotion and shower gel. In the second set, a larger size of the shower gel and lotion is given. Both of these options are perfect for gifting!!! The price is fair, so you can give a thoughtful gift without spending a ton! This also works as a purchase for yourself. If you are hesitant to buy the full sizes, you can give them all a try. If it were up to me, I would buy ten of each and be set for gift giving for the whole year! I adore everything about these products, so I hope you go out and try these!

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