Amazing Deal...STILA Blushing Beauty

I applaud Costco for conjuring up such a bargain set with STILA Cosmetics. I know, it sounds crazy, Costco having high quality Stila products? You will even be tempted to scream when I tell you the deals I got! Swatches, Reviews, Prices, and Links below! Enjoy <3

Products featured in this review:

Stila Eyeshadow Duo
Stila Convertible Color- Dual Lip and Cheek Cream
2 Long Wear Lip Liners
Pencil Sharpener

Now just letting you know, these products are all full sized, and even oversized! A normal Stila eyeshadow in a compact is $18 for 0.09 oz. This set of two eyeshadows are 0.11 oz each! The Convertible color is $25.00 in any retail store, and the two lipliners are $18 each. The worth of this set is over $80, but Costco is selling everything for $20!!!!! Honestly, it is one of the best deals in town. I strongly encourage you to drive out to your local Costco and buy this set!! You will not be sorry. Anyways, onto swatches and reviews!!

STILA Eyeshadow Duo

The eyeshadows are "Seashell" and "Burgundy." 

"Seashell" is a pink champagne shimmer. It is very subtle and sheer. It adds a nice wash of color but definitely should not be used for an colorful eye look. "Burgundy" is true to its name! It is a shimmery brown with purple and red undertones. It is the better pigmented shadow out of the two. I enjoy both and they can be used separately to create completely different looks. The longevity of both are about 7-10 hours if used with a primer. They can be powdery at times so make sure to catch any excess fallout when applying! For the price and size, this is a recommended purchase.

Burgundy and Seashell

Burgundy and Seashell

STILA Convertible Color- Dual Lip and Cheek Cream

At first I was hesitant to buy this kit because I wasn't sure what the color "Lillium" would be like. I believed that this set was too good to be true and the blush would end up being some dirty brown shade. When I opened the container, I was filled with joy. This product in the shade "Lillium" is beautiful!! It is a rosy pink with coral undertones! It looks darker in the pan but once applied, it gives a fresh faced dewy cheek! I tried applying it on my lips but it gave a drier appearance. This product lasts quite a while. I applied it in the early afternoon and it stayed on till 9:00 p.m. That is pretty impressive. The product ALONE costs $25, so purchasing this set would be like buying this product at a discount and including 5 other full sized products.

STILA Long Wear Lipliners

Mehh... The two shades are "Delightful" and "Devoted." "Delightful" is a shade that I am not too impressed with. It is a dark brown with a slight red undertone. The color does not flatter my lips. To make this product work, I applied a Clinique red lipstick over it to give a sultry dark red lip. This was the only solution to putting this product to use. "Devoted" is a classic red. I am not ecstatic about these lipliners due to hard texture and the shades chosen. Stila's lip liners are not creamy whatsoever and the application is slightly painful! When I first used my lipliners, both of the tips snapped off. I had to rub the pencil quite hard against my lips for the color to show up. The red shade is alright, but the brown is not pretty at all. 



Delightful on top, and Devoted below

Pencil Sharpener

Great Pencil Sharpener, thats all I can say!

I hope you enjoy this review, and consider purchasing this set! Please follow and comment below on what you think of these items! Bye!!

Link: A Spring Tutorial!

DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid for this review, nor was I sent any of these products. You do not have to purchase these products, it is just an opinion! For any business inquiries, email me at Thanks!


  1. I just bought that same set today! Same colors too. it was such a steal, I just couldn't leave it in the store! lol

  2. It's an amazing deal. I love Costco! haha

  3. I just bought this at costco today, but it wasn't $20, it was $10!! I don't know if its because its on clearance, but I can't believe the deal I got.

  4. WOW! I'm so jealous! Hope you enjoy it! xx