Essie Braziliant Summer Collection 2011

All I can say is "How Cayooottteee!"

Essie has created an ideal nail polish collection for this Spring! How exciting! The brand as a whole is very consistent with formula and great with preventing streaky cheap items. Essie's nail polishes are DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde free. These compounds are quite dangerous to your body if used frequently, so the health benefits are a bonus!

Back to the collection... Essie has branched out into a world of opaque nail lacquers. Being known for sheer neutral shades, it is great to see them launch into bright shades for this Summer. The five colors are "Absolutely Shore, Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Too Too Hot, Meet Me At Sunset, and Super Bossa Nova."


Absolutely Shore is a light sea foam green that is great for toes! Just to clarify that in my humble opinion, I believe bright colors look best on your toes (except red and pink...). Braziliant, the showcase polish in this collection, is a hot orange with a shimmery reflex in the formula. Orange and yellow toned nail polishes are coming in for this Summer but honestly I am not too big a fan of the colors themselves. Next, Smooth Sailing is a periwinkle shade. Periwinkle is lavender-blue in case you did not know :). This is one of the most unique colors I have seen in a while! The pearlescent reflex is gorgeous. I hope it looks good on my skin tone! Too Too Hot is a vibrant HOT red with hints of coral. I think this is the most appropriate color because coral is "Summer's Color", and the burst of red adds an original twist! Meet Me At Sunset is a deeper/darker version of Briziliant. It is more matte. I prefer this color because it is not as crazy as the other one! Last, Super Bossa Nova!! Its a hot Fuchsia! The color is not original but still beautiful! I love it and can't wait to try it out. These colors come out this summer!

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"Absolutely Shore"


Meet Me At Sunset

"Smooth Sailing"

Super Bossa Nova

Too Too Hot

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