Summer Beauty Technique: Highlighting!

Hello readers! I am excited to share with you my new favorite summer makeup technique! A method that I have been adding to my makeup routine is highlighting my face. In my opinion, creating a glowing face with a dewy finish is fabulous! The freshness and brightening effect highlighting gives is one of my favorite looks. In the past, I used to think that highlighting made me look oily and shiny. Once I learned how to correctly place highlighter, I immediately fell in love with it! Keep reading for some tips and recommended products. 

What is highlighter?
Highlighter is a cream, liquid, or powder product usually used to brighten up the face. There are body highlighters but that is irrelevant to this post! Highlighters tend to be shimmery light shades in the silver, gold, white, or baby pink family. Creating a fuller lip, higher cheek bones, or brightened eyes are accomplished through the use of highlighter. Dewy and fresh faces are also another use. 
Where do I put highlighter? 
FYI: I got the plain face image from online but
I did label all of the highlighting spots on the face from my own editing. 

Chin: Creates more depth to the chin
Cupid's Bow: Gives the allusion of fuller lips
Cheek Bones: Accentuates the cheek bones and makes them appear higher
Temples: Brightens eyes and promotes glowing face
Forehead (eh): A lot of people use this technique but I think it makes the face look oily. Your choice though!

** You do not have to highlight every single point that I have listed. Highlight what you feel comfortable wearing! It's YOUR face!

Why use highlighter?
Plenty of people use this technique often to create a slightly different face shape! I personally think embracing your original face shape is the best way to go but if you are uncomfortable, go for it. I use highlighter to create a summer glowing look, but sometimes for contouring too.
What are some good highlighters?
The three types of highlighters are cream, powder, and liquid. Here are my favorites:

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed xoxo. Please follow, comment, and spread the word!

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