OPI vs. Essie Nail Polish

 When I think OPI Nail Lacquer, I see bright opaque and mostly bright colors in my mind. As for Essie, beautiful sheer toned shades is their specialty. Both companies have their famous polishes like "Sand Tropez" or "Do You Lilac It," but the consistency, longevity, and brush is what I worry most about. Keep reading for my opinion! <3


OPI is great! The bottle is large, nice red shades in the collection, and the big brush seems to impress people! As for me, I am not crazy about the giant brush. I tend to have a streakier finish with OPI sheer colored or pink polishes due to the texture than Essie. For some reason, every time I go to a nail shop I do not seem as interested in the colors that they provide. Maybe I am just in the wrong place... For one thing, they have some beautiful reds and purples! They have glitter polishes that are awesome which Essie does not. The longevity of the product is awesome with my Orly Base and Top Coat. I love that they are free of those nasty chemicals too.


Essie is the favorite here. I prefer the smaller and smoother brush. Also, Essie's nail polishes tend to last longer on my nails. I still have a coral polish on my nails going on like two months! (without chipping) I haven't changed it mostly because I'm lazy haha... Anyways, I prefer bright corals which Essie's collection is full of, unlike OPI. One thing that Essie angers me about is the inconsistency. Sometimes they comes out with EXTREMELY opaque shades and some fool me. A bright green in the bottle will end up being a sheer pale pink which is annoying. But when Essie pulls through, all my hands go to them. I do love OPI, but Essie has to be the winner.


Variety of Shades: 8/10
Longevity: 10/10
Bottle Design: 8/10
Formula: 10/10
Brush: 10/10

Total : 46/50

Variety of Shades: 9/10
Longevity: 9/10
Bottle Design: 10/10
Formula: 9/10
Brush: 7/10

Total: 44/50

I hope this was helpful. By the way, I do love both brands. Don't think I am trashing OPI at all! :)
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