How To: Winged Eyeliner

Heyyyyyy. Winged eyeliner may seem like a difficult task, but I hope this will simplify the task of creating the perfect wing. 

Step 1
Take your eyeliner brush (I'm using a MAC 209 Eyeliner Brush) and start at the center of your eye. You want to progressively thicken the eyeliner as you line towards the outer corner. I do not start lining at my inner corner because if I mess up it cannot be fixed because thick eyeliner towards the inner corners close the eye and create the illusion of small, beady eyes.  

Step 2
Continue to line the rest of your eye, and make sure to thin the line as you go towards the inner corner. 

Step 3
Now, the wing! A way to guide the angle is to draw it in the direction of your eyebrow's tip. This provides a guide of where to fill in the wing.

Step 4
Fill in the angle and connect it to the general line.

Finished Look:

I hope this helped you! Pairing it with a bright red lipstick is all that is needed to create a classic look!! Please comment on what you think and follow me! Love you guys!

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