Bath and Body Works Coconut Mango Smoothing Body Scrub


Coconut is THE best scent ever! For this summer, Bath and Body Works has come out with three new scents. They are Coconut Passionfruit, Coconut Mango, and Coconut Pineapple! The variety of products is impressive! They even created a scented sunscreen with SPF 30!! I was a little nervous trying these out because Bath and Body Work's past coconut scents have not been impressive at all. Literally, the smell of this product is insanely good! I could hold the bottle to my nose all day and be satisfied with life... The scrub has a grainy texture, which exfoliates and softens my skin. I not a a fan of the Bath and Body works packaging though. The scent does not transfer on my skin, but I am sure if I applied the matching scented lotion I would have some remnants of it. I really enjoy using this, and can't wait to smell like coconut all of SUMMER!

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