Pacifica Perfume... Amazing.

THE BEST SCENTS I HAVE EVER SMELLED. Pacifica Perfume produces 100% Vegan formula free of ALL those horrible chemicals, but provides a moisturizing and great smelling product! Pacifica sells only a few products at certain stores, but has a wide arrangement of their scents online. This company is literally the only fragrance corporation that doesn't have a bad scent. I have the Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter and LITERALLY it is my favorite scent. The smells are very true to their descriptions and the packaging is beautiful. I love that this company is not as wide stream because it gives a very organic feel to the company. I love that a portion of their proceeds support clean water. Everything about this company is great! I am going to purchase some more products soon! Keep on the lookout for reviews, raves, and maybe a haul about Pacifica Perfume products in the future!! <3

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