My Winter Essentials! {Part 3: Holiday}

Holiday Favorites
1. After Christmas Sales
The best time to shop for the following months is after christmas sales! Bloomingdales always has the best selection in my opinion! I usually do all of my personal shopping right after Christmas and choose classic staple pieces that will last many seasons! 
2. Peppermint Mocha Lattes
This is one of my favorite beverages to indulge in during the winter and cold nights. The peppermint infused beverage tastes like heaven! I especially love the hint of coffee to add an extra kick. Go to your local Starbucks or Coffee Bean and try this NOW. 
If you already didn't know, I live and breathe for skiing. It recently has become an unhealthy obsession of mine, constantly wracking my mind! I dream of the days of perfect powder and park progression. This is my favorite part of winter no doubt! Cruising down a mountain with my best friends! :)
4. Spiced Apple Cider
Spiced apple cider brings me wonderful memories of my Vermont trip with my best friend! The sweetness of the cider and spiciness of cinnamon warms my stomach with joy. I love heating up a fresh cup of this amazing drink to brighten my mood on a cold day. 

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post! These items truly make my Winter special and amazing every single year. This is a little less beauty related and more personal. Share your Winter Favorites with me down below in the comments bar! Thanks guys and please follow! :)

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