Product of Interest: Pacifica Lip Tints

Being a huge fan of Pacifica scents, I was very happy when I saw that they came out with a new line of lip care! I am obsessed with their body butters, so I have high hopes in terms of the moisture of these lip tints. These remind me of the Burts Bees lip tints. I have only seen them at Sephora but didn't get a chance to test them because the testers were quite filthy. They are priced at $9 individually, but there is a set on the Pacifica Perfume Website that sells for $18. Guavaberry, Coconut Nectar, and Blood Orange are in the set. There are a few other sold individually as well. If anyone has this, please tell me because I would love to pick it up once I run out of my other lip products. Thanks guys! <3

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