Review: NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker {Photos and Swatches}

Hey guys! This is a review of my current favorite liquid liner, the NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker! I have been using this everyday for the past couple of months and it is still going strong! I hope this review helps. Keep reading for a detailed review with photos and swatches. :)

NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

Net Weight: 1 OZ
Company: NYX Cosmetics
Where to buy: ULTA, Local Beauty Supplies
Price: $8.99

Formula: "Carbon Black" is an extremely smooth eyeliner that has a really intense pigmentation. It applies quite smoothly and is not too slippery. It takes a few coats to get the best results. The finish is slightly shiny like most liquid liners which I do not like, but I set my eye liner with black eyeshadow anyways.
Packaging: The packaging is my favorite part of this product! It has a precise felt tip which allows for very thin lines. The ease of use for this product is amazing. I used gel liner for the longest time and loved it, but the application of it is time consuming. Because it is in "pen" form, there are no extra pieces.
Longevity: The longevity is average. If the eyeliner is not set, it will fade during the day. This is the only negative quality.

(sorry my hand was slightly shaky haha)

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! I really do love this eyeliner and would recommend it to anyone. The price is reasonable and the product is great! If you like this post, please follow and comment below! Thanks guys <3

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