How To: Achieving A Cut Crease with Eyeshadow!

Hey everyone!! Today, I am going to give a demonstration on how to make a cut crease on your eye! Keep reading for pictures, instructions, and some info on how to achieve this defined look!

FAQ {Frequently Asked Questions!}
What is a cut crease?
A cut crease is when you create extremely defined eyes by running eyeshadow throughout your whole eye crease! It gives the allusion of extremely set and defined eyes!

How do I make a cut crease?
To create a cut crease effect with eyeshadow, you take a neutral or bright color and run it through your eye crease all the way to your inner corner. Normally you create a "V" shape on your outer corner and connect it to the crease color just like the pictures above! Not only do you have to use eyeshadow, but blended out gel eyeliner works well too! If you are looking for a natural look, using a light brown looks great. It can also be built up to an extremely dramatic eye look.

My Example
This is my version of creating a cut crease! I wanted to make it dramatic but wearable. I like the way it turned out!

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  1. I definitely need to practice my cut crease more!! I've only done it a few times and it takes me forever haha. I love how dramatic it look though!

  2. Great post!

    Emma x

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  3. @Amanda: As long as you do it with a thin pencil brush, it should get easier over time :) Thanks btw!

    @Emma: Thank you so much!