AMAZING NAIL COMBINATION!!! (feat. Nicole By OPI Kardashian Collection and Essie)

 My Favorite Nail Combination

Hey everyone! I am currently LOVING my nails lately, so I wanted to share! When choosing, I wanted to paint my nails a spring nude color to blend with the changing seasons. I chose Essie's "Sand Tropez" which is a cool toned nude that is perfect with any outfit. It is a basic essential to have if you are interested in collecting nail polish as I do! In order to spice things up because nude nail polish alone can look bland, I added Nicole By OPI's "The Next CEO" onto my ring finger. Added a glitter polish in the same color family can add a sweet spice that is very subtle! I think it looks absolutely stunning on any nails and I would recommend this combination to anyone. I hope you try this out! You can find both of these nail polishes at any drugstore! Thank you so much for reading, please follow! :)


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