Hey everyone! Lately, I've been really into wearing blush. It adds a gorgeous flush to your skin! You can get completely different looks depending on the texture and type of blush, making it such a fun tool for makeup looks. There are many forms: liquid, stain, cream, gel, and powder! My favorite are cream and powder, and this post will list pros and cons of each! Also listed below are my favorites. I also have an older post listing my favorite blushes. And a tutorial on how to apply blush for different effects! Keep reading! :)

Creme Blush
Uses: Creme blush is the PERFECT solution to pasty and dull skin. If it is a good formula, it is designed to illuminate your skin and provide a dewy finish! I love wearing creme blush during the whole year, but it goes especially well with warmer seasons! My skin looks a lot healthier when I use creme blush! It can also be used as a highlight. 
Pros: Healthier finish, dewy, longer wear (on my skin), multi-use (lips and cheeks)
Cons: bad quality: will not blend well, not too many drugstore options, bacteria buildup is easier

1. Stila Convertible Color ($25)
2. Nars The Multiple ($39)
3. Tarte Cheek Stain ($30)
4.Guerlain Terracott Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter ($41)

Powder Blush
Uses: Powder blush is a traditional product for sculpting your face and adding dimension and color. It can be used more as a contour, highlight, and just plain blush! I love neutral blushes for everyday use. I also set creme blush with powder sometimes! 
Pros: Tons of uses, massive amount of selection, gorgeous matte or shimmer finish. 
Cons: Can appear chalky on dry skin, can appear uneven, sometimes too much shimmer.

1. MAC Powder Blush ($16)
2. Nars Blush ($28)
3. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick ($39)
4. ELF Blush (They have one for $1 and one thats $3! Both are great)

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you found this helpful! Overall, I wear creme blush more because I prefer the "healthy skin" look. 

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