Quick Remedies To Brighten Up Your Complexion!

With the long weekend passing, multiple parties, long work hours, and the harsh prominence of reality, your face and complexion can take a toll. Breakouts, dark circles, and a general dullness to the face has been one of my issues. These are my super simple remedies that can all make a big difference on how my skin radiates during the day!

1. Work Out!
I don't know the science behind this technique, but taking a quick jog around my neighborhood or participating in a sport does wonders for my acne! My pores disappear, my skin glows, and all my acne goes away when I work out on a daily basis. It's like magic! Sweating cleans out all the toxins in your body, therefore allowing your skin to breathe and look healthier. 

2. Eat Healthy
Junk and processed food really does affect your skin. What you put in is what you get out! All of the oil buildup in greasy foods parallels the oil buildup in your skin. By balancing fruits and vegetables, it will allow your body to attain a regular cycle of digestion which will improve the quality of your skin. 

3. Mud Masks!
This is one of my favorite techniques for brightening my complexion if I am feeling lazy! Slathering on a mud mask soaks up oils in my pores as well as tightens my skin, making an overall improvement that's noticeable! Brightening cleansers are amazing as well. 

4. Sleep
This is the most obvious remedy. Try to catch up on your sleep on the weekends! Taking one day to completely sloth in bed will make a huge improvement for your behavior for the week. 

Thank you so much for reading! If you thought this was helpful, please follow! Love you all!


  1. I find after drinking loads of water my skin clears up a treat! Need to try one of those mud masks!! xx


  2. Oh my, I forgot the most important tip. Silly me hahah. And yes, the mud masks are awesome.

  3. This is definitely something I need to start doing!

  4. I love the mud masks, especially the minty green ones! They make my skin feel so clean afterwards.