Favorite Celebrities Grammy's Makeup {2012}

Hey everyone! On Sunday, the Grammy's took place in Los Angeles. I was so excited to see all of the glamourous makeup and fashion that the women would be wearing! Out of all the looks, these were my favorite.

Adele's "Old Hollywood" makeup was stunning! I loved the thick lashes and bold red lip! She kept her crease defined with a simple taupe eyeshadow which looked stunning, and a simple bronzed and dewy face which perfectly balanced everything. Gorgeous! 

 Kelly Osbourne 
I'm totally digging the lavender lips and hair! The muted colors are unique, and she totally rocks it. A simple  silver eyes with thick lashes gave a modern twist to her makeup. 

 Taraji Henson
Taraji's use of lavender in her eye makeup was executed beautifully as well. The romantic purple on the inside of her lid brightened up her eye. I also love the bronze crease to keep it "goddess like!" Nude lips kept everything simple. 

 Cyndi Lauper
Although I'm not crazy about the makeup look on her, I think it worked well on it's own! She, boldly, was one of the only celebrities to rock spider lashes too. The classic charcoal smokey eye looked great. I also love how she has white eyeliner on her lower waterline instead of making everything black like most smokey eye looks! I don't know about the coral lip, but the eyes were stunning and the main focus.

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  1. I think my best red carpet look for Grammy's is Adele and Taylor Swift. :)

    Followed you! Hope you visit my blog and follow back too.

  2. Everyone looked beautiful :) Thanks for the follow!