Obsession: Voluspa Candles

My awkward candle story...

Candles have always been a weird subject for me. Always wanting to burn candles around my house, my mom would shut me down by saying that they are a "fire hazard." One day I finally got her to crack, so I went on a candle spree. I first started with Bath & Body Works candles, which sadly disappointed me with their generic smell and cheap look. Then I ventured further into the candle world. I never really thought that I would choose high end candles over cheaper candles, but there is a difference! I've noticed that with higher end candles, a more softer and subtle scent fills the room with a pleasant aroma of floral and musk, not a whack of pumpkin spice. My mood changes due to the candle I am burning, so it is important to invest in something that is enjoyable for a long period of time!

Once I discovered Voluspa Luxury Candles and Home Fragrance, I immediately fell in love. Their candles are made from a coconut-soy wax blend, which burns beautifully in all spaces. The packaging upstages every other candle company out there, with beautiful patterns, tinted glass, and colorful tins. The prices are not outrageous, and the quality is phenomenal. Every single scent is crafted with such elegance it is hard not to buy every single candle. I would recommend this for gift-giving and personal pleasure! My favorite scents include Saijo Persimmon, Laguna, Macaron, Crisp Champagne, Vervaine Olive Leaf, Apricot &Aprilia, and Atelier Provence Lavande. Voluspa also has their scents organized into different collections of scent. As long as I burn candles, I will always look to Voluspa for products. 

Just a side note...One thing that I do is save the candle tins for storing clips or little knick knacks in them! They work as beautiful little organizers.

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  1. Voluspa candles smell amazing! Everytime I go into anthropologie they usually have a Voluspa candle burning and I go by and smell every single one. I really need to just break down and buy one.

  2. you really should buy one you won't regret it!

  3. My mom is the exact same way! Although her main reason is that they "make the walls yellow" (at least your mom's reason makes a bit of sense! haha). She still doesn't allow any candles, but luckily I don't live at home anymore and can fulfill my candle addiction by myself =P

    I will really have to check out Voluspa! Those candles are gorgeous. Have you tried any from Candles By Victoria? Her's are really great quality and I think she may ship internationally. :)

  4. I will have to check those out! And our moms think alike haha...